My diversity of purpose is to create space in which the student can consider not only the task at hand but also inward reflection, for personal growth is just as important as professional growth. My aim is to prepare nurses that provide compassionate care while not burning out. To use knowledge in the service of others, but not to forget their own strength. To challenge existing systems that no longer serve a purpose while being capable of observing the effects of change over time. To find the strength in others and give them the tools to cultivate positive change. In asking the question, “how ought we to live”, one must also ask, “what does my life represent now.” Jesuit tradition evaluates not only the work we can do for the greater good, but also the idea that the few can foster change on a larger scale. So, the purpose of their mission and values is to create ambassadors of positive change for the betterment of all. In evaluating life’s current representation, it creates a foundation for change. Current state dictates the direction of change and “how ought we to live” is the blue print for the journey.