Regis University's Strategic Plan

President Aceves, Fr. Kevin Burke, S.J, and Dr. Samit Shah, Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chairs, and the Strategic Planning Committee are pleased to share the final draft of the institution’s Strategic Plan.

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Regis University’s strategic plan draws on our mission statement and builds on the tremendous history that has led us to the present moment. It will enable us to imagine new priorities and initiatives to continue providing a transformative education at “the frontiers of faith, reason and culture.” This University plan will inspire further specification in plans developed by five major units of the University: Strategic Enrollment Management; Advancement; Academic Affairs; Student Affairs and Mission, enabling us to embrace a culture of planning and action. An operational plan will be developed to align human, fiscal and physical resources to support unit goals. Qualitative and quantitative measures will track institutional progress.

Foundational Elements and Themes

This plan builds upon three foundational elements of our history and apostolic identity: (1) the mission; (2) transformative and excellent education; and (3) the responsibility to be financially and ecologically sustainable. These elements can be restated as three foundational themes:

  • With respect to our mission “to build a more just and humane world,” Regis is committed to:
    1.  deepening its “Ignatian spirituality of Christian discipleship” and its openness to “the sacred in all human cultures”;
    2. sustaining and growing a diverse, equitable and inclusive community of care;
    3. laboring “for a transformed world and renewed ecosystem” and
    4. realizing our aspiration to excel as an Hispanic-Serving Institution.
  • With respect to the transformative and excellent education that we provide and continue to deepen, Regis educates students who have cultivated habits of paying attention to the world around them, of reasoning in clear and critical ways, of reading widely and deeply, of communicating effectively, of listening generously to others, of exploring their own depths reflectively and openly, of generously helping others (especially those most in need), of caring for the health of our planet, and of always practicing gratitude.
  • With respect to financial sustainability, Regis understands its responsibility to exercise Ignatian discernment in its stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by our students and their families, our donors, and our friends. Regis also recognizes that financial sustainability requires us to strive for the ecological sustainability of our planet. The exercise of discerning financial responsibility depends upon the informed care and talent of leaders working in each college and every unit of the University.

These elemental and interwoven themes provide the bedrock upon which we build the pillars of our strategic plan and nurture an ongoing University planning environment.

Pillars of the 2023-2028 Regis University Strategic Plan

This University Strategic Plan is built upon three pillars that in turn support and inform all our unit/divisional plans and shorter-term operational planning. The three pillars are:

  1. As the destination for Hispanic-Serving Jesuit Catholic education in the Rocky Mountain region, Regis University is a national leader in innovative academic excellence and inclusive experiential learning centered around our Jesuit mission. We are companions who recognize that individual transformation becomes our collective strength as we together build “a more just and humane world.”
  2. As an employer of choice, Regis University attracts and retains top talent. This is accomplished through a dynamic and committed attention to its Hispanic-serving identity and Jesuit Catholic mission, a tradition of scholarship, and a nimble work environment. Regis is dedicated to fostering a healthy and joyful work environment that results from a diverse and inclusive community that promotes employee growth, well-being, and work-life balance. This community of dedicated and empowered employees provides a sustainable and transformative education to its students near and far.
  3. As a trusted community partner, a “people for and with others,” Regis aspires to partner with our communities to share our mission in ways that advance inclusion and belonging while ensuring that we have the resources to flourish together.

The following are the pillars, along with the objectives, that actualize our institutional planning:

Pillar 1:

Regis University is the Destination for Hispanic-Serving Jesuit Catholic Education in the Rocky Mountain Region

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Pillar 2:

Regis University is an Employer of Choice

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Pillar 3:

Regis University is a Trusted Community Partner

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While many things may change over the years, our commitment remains consistent.

"We appreciate the partnership and collaboration of all of Regis University’s stakeholders in this process as we envision Regis thriving long into the future."
- Regis University Leadership