Safe Outdoor Space

Regis University partnered with Colorado Village Collaborative, the Saint Francis Center and the City and County of Denver provided homes for people needing temporary housing. This is Regis’ Jesuit Catholic mission in action.

aerial view of sos site on campus

Beginning June 1, 2021, the 19,000-square-foot Safe Outdoor Space facility (SOS) was located in parking lot 6 on the University’s Northwest Denver campus at 50th and Federal Boulevard and served its residents through June 30, 2022. The site provided 24/7 staffed and secured shelter for up to 60 people, who were screened and selected by service agencies. The facility offered residents shelter, beds, food, wellness checks and assistance for finding permanent housing. The program was funded by the City and County of Denver.

In the 13 months on campus, the SOS served a total of 122 people. 50 residents either moved into safe and stable housing or were connected to stable, long-term housing options, and 21 people gained employment because of the stability provided by the SOS.

The SOS model and locations continue to grow and expand across the city of Denver. How can you help? Check out the Colorado Village Collaborative’s Support Us webpage for ideas that include financial contributions, meal and resource sharing, and volunteer opportunities.

The Regis site was the third SOS facility and the first outside downtown Denver since the program was launched in 2020.

Safe Outdoor Space Facility at Regis

Safer Outdoor Spaces resident

Colorado Collaborative partnership with Regis University

The Safe Outdoor space at Regis was home to over 122 people in the 13 months it was on campus. It served as the epicenter for providing transitional care to members of the Denver community.

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"If we do not take care of one another… we cannot heal the world."

- Pope Francis