Anderson Reports

As the capstone experience in the Finance Specialization of the MBA in the Anderson College of Business and Computing, students take the Anderson Reports course. In the Anderson Reports course, students become one of the investment industry’s equity analysts (sometimes the first or only) to report on a publicly-traded, small-cap company headquartered in Colorado.

Anderson Reports is a ‘portfolio course’ for students. When asked what they can do with their degree, they can simply show folks the hard-or digital copy of full equity analysis and future stock price prediction they have produced, explain the financial model they have built, go into detail about the industry research they have done, and show how they came to forecast the future.


In this valuable hands-on course, teams of students meet and work directly with top management, visit company sites, and learn from Anderson alumni working in the finance field as they develop financial models and publish in-depth investment research reports on public companies. The reports become available online and are distributed to institutional and individual investors.

If you would like your publicly-traded Colorado company covered in the Anderson Reports course, contact Mr. Kurt Gerwitz at

Farmland Partners Inc.
WideOpenWest Inc.
Riot Blockchain, Inc.
Pure Cycle Corporation