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The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center seeks to bring together students, faculty, alumni, and the community to design critical, creative and systems solutions for our curriculum and the complex challenges of today's world. At the Innovation Center we aim to not only encourage innovative ideas, we also work towards putting those ideas into action by creating partnerships, platforms, products and affecting policies.


Business School Plus Curriculum

The Innovation Center will encourage, support, and partner with faculty, students, businesses, and the community to drive a business school plus curriculum. The plus is for a curriculum intentionally designed to build grit, will, perseverance, and a desire for social change, and teaching that enables empathy, cultural competence, and critical and systems thinking.

Structural Solutions to Problems

How can our students experience problem solving in ways that honor people, create partnerships, design platforms and influence policy to discover lasting solutions? The Innovation Center will serve as host for adiscussion series linking the community, local businesses, policy makers and our students and faculty to brainstorm solutions for the pressing problems of our time.

Alumni Matrix

We don't want a mere network. You can’t see networks. In the Jesuit tradition of companionship, we want to create and nurture a matrix where our alumni are obvious companions to our students serving to connect with, actively introduce to all business sector connections, and partner with students in thinking and acting.

Gronowski Innovation Incubator Lab

An all-glass, flexible thinking studio/classroom where our students work on the next big ideas, our faculty design the curriculum that prepares and encourages our students to change the world, and local businesses come to collaborate, conceptualize, create, and launch business solutions. This space brings design thinking to business education focusing on developing the meta-skills of design— humility, human observation skills, and the ability to additively and collectively brainstorm ideas, and rapidly prototype solutions so that we may set about breaking them and learning from failure. In the Innovation Incubator, all can write on the walls from floor to ceiling, all furniture is on wheels, and there is a built-in co-work space for growing businesses to work alongside our students.

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Anderson Executive Education

Anderson College’s Executive Education is designed from the four unique values of leadership development – self awareness; innovation; engaging others; and heroic ambitions.

Our Executive Education programs reflect an unbridled passion and unwavering commitment to your personal growth, helping you and your organization succeed and contribute to creating a better world. We call this the Magis… the greater good. Through personal coaching, your ability to make better decisions, achieve greater results, and create a greater impact on your organization and others in your life is realized.

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Innovation Challenge

Have a great business idea? Pitch it to win up to $10,000 plus mentorship and office space. Whether you run a business already, have thought of an idea in the past that you'd like to develop or are starting from scratch with just an idea, come and participate! The Innovation Challenge is held each spring.

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Alumni Matrix

With 75,000 Regis alums and nearly 37,000 alums from the business programs, we want our current students to see and feel our Alumni Matrix. At our annual event, alumni, students, faculty, staff, students and business community connections converge to meet, eat, celebrate, learn and define companionship. 




Message from the Director:

Hello! Bienvenidos!

Thank you for visiting The Innovation Center at Regis University. The vision for the Anderson Centers of Distinction is to help business become stewards of society with the goal of improving the quality of life on earth. The Innovation Center is specifically designed and intended to assist the college in the “how” our graduates are working to accomplish this vision. Let me explain.

In their 2012 article, A Leadership Education Model for Jesuit Business Schools, McCallum, Connor, and Horian define the distinction of graduates from business schools at Jesuit universities where self-awareness, ingenuity, love, and heroism are the essential dispositions, skills, and traits of the graduates. And while the public, those hiring our graduates, and even our students all agree that these are fundamental skills that graduates should have, the latest information tells us that we are not delivering this type of education as well as we can with all of our business students. Building leaders with values, experience, and the desire to improve society is at the core of The Innovation Center.

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Ken Sagendorf, Ph.D.
Director, The Innovation Center

Sullivan Chair for Free Enterprise

The Innovation Center and all of its programs are supported by the John J. Sullivan Chair in Free Enterprise. The endowment serves to perpetuate the concept and practice of free enterprise, and instill in our leaders a highly developed sense of responsibility for the future of the free market system in our complex and ever-changing world.