Growing Good Business is a podcast showcasing forward-thinking business leaders who are re-creating the business paradigm to honor humanity and our planet’s life support systems. In each episode, we interview a business trailblazer to uncover how they went beyond philanthropy and traditional notions of corporate social responsibility to fundamentally re-examine their corporate practices, aligning them with the principles of social and environmental sustainability. Counterintuitively, these leaders financially outperform their peers and show us how we can succeed in business by cultivating a world that works for everyone. Hosted by Nathan Havey and Abby Schneider and recorded before a live audience, Growing Good Business is a collaboration between the Institute for Corporate Transformation and Regis University’s Sustainable Economic and Enterprise Development (SEED) Institute.

Listen to Episodes:

Raj Sisodia
Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Conscious Capitalism

How can business be a force for good? In this episode, Conscious Capitalism Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Dr. Raj Sisodia, explains how businesses can care for their stakeholders—and outperform their peers by doing so. Learn what your first step ... and next step ... to building a conscious enterprise can be.

Leith Sharp Leith Sharp
Director, Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership, Harvard University

How do you change a large, hierarchical organization from within? In this episode, Harvard’s Leith Sharp shares the secret to transforming your business into a purpose-driven organization, aligned with sustainability. Based on her popular class, this conversation will provide a roadmap for aspiring change agents and veteran business leaders alike.

Jeremy Lent Jeremy Lent
Award-winning Author and Former Internet Company CEO

How can science and ancient wisdom traditions help us to cultivate sustainable flourishing on earth? In this episode, award-winning author and former tech entrepreneur, Jeremy Lent, explains how the way we make meaning through our collective worldviews has a tangible impact on our societies and the state of our planet. And he shares what kind of mindset is necessary to change the course of our current existential crises and move us toward an ecological civilization.

Paul HunterPaul Hunter
Global Sustainability Manager at Kin + Carta

How did Kin + Carta become the first publicly-traded BCorp on the London Stock exchange? In this episode, Global Sustainability Manager and Regis alumnus, Paul Hunter, will share the steps that this multinational consultancy took on its way to making history. And by sharing the blueprint to his company’s success, he will teach you how your business can also excel by measuring what matters.

Kathy BolhousKathy Bolhous
CEO, Charter Next Generation (CNG)

What's the secret to shrinking the wealth gap in the U.S. and transforming your employees’ lives? In this episode, Charter Next Generation (CNG) CEO Kathy Bolhous discusses how equity ownership can move companies from perpetuating wealth concentration to promoting wealth sharing, thereby disrupting generations of poverty. Want to learn more about the power of employee ownership? Check out the documentary trailer about CNG’s transformation.

Lisa ConwayLisa Conway
VP Sustainability-Americas, Interface

How did the world’s most famous carpet company create carbon-negative carpet tiles—and a market for them where none existed? In this episode, Interface VP of Sustainability for the Americas, Lisa Conway, will explain how this industry leader developed manufacturing processes that sequester carbon from the atmosphere rather than pollute it—and how they inspired demand for their regenerative products. Want to learn more? Check out

Bob and Michelle Fish portraitBob and Michelle Fish
Founders, One BIGG Island in Space

Our world is connected through vast networks of producers, suppliers, buyers, and retailers—that’s the global supply chain. But not everyone benefits equally from the profit paid by the end consumer. Enter One BIGG Island in Space. In this episode, Bob and Michelle Fish explain how they are revolutionizing the coffee supply chain so that you can feel good about every sip you take from one of their stores.

Miren Oca headshotMiren Oca
Founder, B Corp Certified Ocaquatics Swim School

Miren Oca intended to become a doctor, but when her son was born, she put school on hold and started Ocaquatics so that she could provide for herself and her child. In this episode, Miren demonstrates how treating all of your employees like family is not only good for business but also can sow the roots to a stronger society.

Sade Akindele headshotSade Akindele
Sustainability Engagement Advisor and Consultant, Stantec

What is the secret to this engineering and design firm’s sustainability success? It’s not technology or innovation but human development and communication. In this episode, Regis alumna, Sade Akindele, Sustainability Engagement Advisor and Consultant at Stantec, explains how network analysis and inclusive leadership can promote sustainability on a global scale.