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Academic Internships for Undergraduates

Develop your professional skills, gain work experience and receive credit through our academic internship opportunities.

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Gain real-world experience through academic internships.

An academic internship is a structured, supervised, semester-long learning experience that takes place primarily off campus. While the site supervisor mentors, guides, and evaluates the student in the professional environment, the internship professor designs related academic assignments and reflections so that the student can make meaning from the experience. 

Experiential learning is one of the best ways to explore and discern about one’s calling or vocation. Through hands-on experience, students may realize or confirm their desire to continue in their current field of study, or decide to change their focus. Internships are an excellent way to build one’s resume and develop a professional and community network, and are one the best ways to prepare for graduate school or employment. 

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Finding the Right Internship

A good internship allows you to apply what you’ve been learning in the classroom, but also acquire new knowledge and skills that will be transferable to other employment and educational settings. You want to use and extend your current strengths, and develop new ones. Internships should have a beginning and end, and clearly defined objectives related to your own educational and professional goals. Your level of responsibility should increase over time and have exposure to many aspects of the organization and its mission. The opportunity to meet or work with employees in different roles will help you in your vocational journey, and may even result in a job offer after graduation.


Academic Internship Process

While some paid internships are available, most are offered in exchange for college credit. Some majors require an internship in order to graduate, and some businesses require a credit-bearing internship for legal and policy reasons. If you do not need the credits in your major to complete your degree, you may choose to take the internship for elective credit.

Academic internships are available to juniors and seniors in the 498 course and several other courses. Sophomores may take Field Experience for elective credit.

In order to earn academic credit, students must enroll in the internship course in an academic department, work at least 120 hours at the internship site over the whole semester, and complete all related academic assignments with their professor.  The first step towards completing a for-credit internship is to connect with the Internship Program office to discuss available opportunities and to meet with your internship professor to understand the academic requirements. 

When you have obtained an internship, return to the Internship office with a job description and site supervisor's contact information. Be sure to take care of this by the first day of the semester. 

The Internship office will register you for the course, and it will appear in WebAdvisor once it is processed by the Registrar. Be sure to read all emails from the Academic Internship Program throughout the semester, and fill out the Post-internship Evaluation Form that we email to you at the end of your internship.

Information for Employers

We view an internship as a reciprocal arrangement with a business or organization, wherein a student makes a real contribution to the organization, and the organization also provides a valuable pre-professional experience for the student.

Private, public, and not-for-profit organizations may recruit interns through our program. Regis University requires all internship programs have a designated Site Supervisor who plays an integral role in the student's development and success.

To discuss your internship and submit a job description, contact the Academic Internship Program Office.

My ultimate goal is to one day own my own clothing store; however, there are many other fields in the fashion industry that I want to experience beforehand. Working and interning at DragonflyApparel has opened up numerous doors for me to dive into the world of fashion and expand my knowledge of buying, marketing, communication and designing. I have gained skills through Dragonfly that I will be able to use in my future career of fashion and merchandising.

Madison, Business Administration 2018

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