Academic Internships for Undergraduate Students in the Arts and Sciences

Explore your vocation, develop real-world skills and earn academic credit through our academic internship opportunities. Design disability rights training for the ACLU. Install exhibits for the Museo de las Americas. Assist in research on health care inequities at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Advocate for victims at the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office. Facilitate programs for youth at Urban Peak. Respond to constituent requests at the Colorado governor’s office. What do all of these experiences have in common? You can receive academic credit at Regis for completing these internships in the community!

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The most meaningful aspect of my internship experience was the site I got to be at. I really feel as though they worked on their end to ensure I was truly getting an experiential educational experience out of my time there. Being able to observe and ask questions allowed me to practice some vocational discernment in thinking about my future. 

Psychology major interning at Developmental FX

Finding the Right Internship

As a complement to your courses, academic internships are one of the best ways to explore your calling. An internship includes several key elements: real-world experience, authentic work, mentoring relationships, enhanced skillsets and a growing professional network. Internships foster discernment about passions, purpose, strengths and values. Indeed, we see them as the way to find connections among what you believe in, what you want to do and who you want to be.

While some degree programs require an internship to graduate, the truth is that everyone can have this opportunity. And while one internship is good, two or three are even better.


Academic Internship Process

During the internship semester, your site supervisor will mentor, guide and evaluate your learning and performance in the professional environment. At the same time, you will engage in related academic assignments and reflection exercises designed by your internship professor to help you make meaning from the experience. Through an academic internship, you will deepen your interest in your field of study and create a pathway for reaching your goals.

Juniors, seniors and graduate students can do internships for credit, but no matter what your year, we encourage you to meet with us to explore internships, volunteer opportunities and other experiences to enhance your Regis education and lay the foundation for your future.

Special Programs:

Regis Semester in Washington, D.C.
Semester-long internships for undergraduates in the intern capital of the world

Healthcare Interest Program at Denver Health
Year-long mentoring program for underrepresented pre-med undergraduates

Reciprocity with other Jesuit universities
Access internship and job databases in other cities

Hoping to recruit a Regis student?

Private, public, and nonprofit organizations may recruit interns through our program. Regis University requires that all internship have a designated Site Supervisor who plays an integral role in the student's development and success, whether the internship is in person or remote. We encourage you to reach out to discuss your internship opportunity and submit a job description.

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