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Environmental Science Department

Regis University's Environmental Science (ENVS) department focuses on the impacts of resource depletion, habitat destruction, biological extinction, global economic development and urbanization. Students learn how science, technology and policy can be applied to advance environmental sustainability goals. Our programs focus on these and other environmental issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Students take a variety of courses through different departments to gain both the breadth and depth necessary to solve complex environmental problems. The ENVS department promotes critical thinking, qualitative and quantitative reasoning, problem solving and writing skills. Both local and global issues are emphasized in exploring environmental solutions for the common good of humanity and of the earth. 

Students with ENVS degrees are working in nonprofits, environmental consulting firms, government, forestry, botany, wildlife biology, conservation biology, geology, transportation, teaching, community organizing, politics and urban planning. The degree may also lead to graduate study in science, geography, sociology, economics, journalism, law, environmental health, international relations, ecotheology or political science. There are over a hundred organizations in the local region working on issues of environmental sustainability and thousands more around the world.

Meet the Environmental Science Faculty

John Sakulich
John Sakulich

Associate Professor

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