Regis College Honors Program

Academic Curiosity Encouraged

Apply to the Honors Program

Up to 30 applicants will be selected to participate in the Regis Honors Program. Priority admission and scholarship consideration will be given to candidates who submit their applications by Feb. 5, 2024. The final deadline for full consideration to the Honors Program will be given to candidates who submit their applications by March 4, 2024.

How do I apply?
  1. Complete your admissions application or apply via Common App.
  2. Answer the three essay questions below (300-500 words per response).
  3. Create your “60-second Video Lecture.”
  4. Fill out and submit the application form on this page. The essays and video are meant to give you the opportunity to show us who you really are, so we encourage you to let your personality shine through.
Essay Prompts

1) Type your answers to all three of the essay prompts. Be sure to include your first and last name on your essay document. 2) Save your essays together as a PDF document. 3) Upload the PDF document.

Essay Questions

  1. One of the central tenets of a Jesuit Catholic education is cura personalis — a Latin phrase meaning “care for the whole person.” Based on this ideal, we in the Honors Program are building a diverse community of “lovers of learning,” in which all members are invested in each other’s intellectual achievement, as well as each other’s mental and physical well-being, and development as citizens of the world. We want to build our community with students who share this vision.

    To that end, describe a specific time in your life when you benefitted from and/or contributed to a community of learners that embodied cura personalis. If you have never been part of a community like this, describe a time in your life when such a community would have been helpful; how would you have benefitted from and contributed to it?

  2. Discuss a book you read in the past few years that sparked your curiosity. You do not need to summarize the book; just let us know why it is meaningful to you, and how it has contributed to your growth.
  3. Honors students are contemplatives in action, using their knowledge to improve themselves, their community and the world. What issue or challenge facing the world ignites your passion? In what ways would you respond to that challenge or issue?
60-Second Video Lecture

Create your own 60-Second Video Lecture, in which you discuss, perform and/or demonstrate something that is intellectually exciting to you. This is an opportunity to show a side of you that can’t easily be seen on paper. Teach us about a stimulating topic, share your creative work, tell a story, take us to a place in nature that creates wonder — your options are limited only by your imagination. Production value is NOT important. Feel free to use your phone camera. Remember, this should only take a minute (literally).

To submit your video, upload the video to YouTube and share the YouTube link with us in the application form. You can choose to keep your video unlisted for privacy. See YouTube’s “Change video privacy settings” page for more information on unlisted videos.

Ensure that your sharing permissions include