Regis College Honors Program

Academic Curiosity Encouraged

Apply to the Honors Program

Up to 34 applicants will be selected to participate in Regis’ Honors Program. Priority admissions and scholarship consideration will be given to candidates who submit their applications by February 07, 2022. The final deadline for full consideration to the Honors Program will be given to candidates who submit their applications by March 07, 2022.

Essay Prompts
Please respond to prompts 1-4, save as a PDF document and upload your document prior to submitting this form. Be sure you include your first and last name on your essay document prior to uploading it. Then, create your video per the instructions noted on item 5 below.

  1. Honors students seek the Magis, the Jesuit term for “more.” Describe a time you sought more in your life – for example, as a scholar, an activist, or an artist.
  2. Discuss a book you read in high school that sparked your curiosity.
  3. Honors is a diverse community of students who are “lovers of learning" who read, write, and think with critical attention. Describe how you might contribute to this community.
  4.  Honors students are contemplatives in action. What issue or challenge facing the world ignites your passion? In what ways would you respond to that challenge or issue?

Video Submission
Create a video, your own “60-second lecture,” in which you discuss, perform, recite, and/or demonstrate something that is intellectually exciting to you. This is an opportunity to show a side of you that can’t be seen on a piece of paper. Maybe you’d like to recite a poem, tell a story, or take us to a place in nature that creates wonder…or a whole host of other possibilities. Production value is NOT important. Feel free to use your cell phone. Remember, this need not be longer than one minute.

To submit your video, upload the video to YouTube and share the YouTube link with us. You can choose to keep your video unlisted for privacy. See YouTubes "Change video privacy settings" page for more information on unlisted videos.