Clinical Simulation Laboratory

Learning to be a health care professional is rewarding, challenging and sometimes intimidating as students interact with patients. At Regis University we are building better clinicians with hands-on experience in our Clinical Simulation Laboratory. The lab allows students to practice clinical skills in a realistic but simulated healthcare environment where it is safe to make mistakes and learn in our nearly 5,000-square-foot space. Our expert faculty are able to observe students and provide feedback so that students can hone the skills that will enable them to move patient care forward.

two nurses attend to a medical mannequin

Innovation and Collaboration in Health Care

Our newly renovated and expanded facility offers a dynamic and collaborative learning environment for students in the Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy, providing opportunities to participate in interprofessional education to prepare for collaborative practice. The simulation lab offers multiple learning environments to represent a full health center including acute inpatient hospital, ambulatory care outpatient clinic, physical therapy and home care settings. High-fidelity human patient simulators and trained health care actors are available to simulate a variety of health conditions. The lab includes high-definition audio and video streaming and recording capabilities and a variety of functional medical equipment. Students apply classroom lessons into practice, gain hands-on experience and receive feedback working as a member of an interprofessional health care team.

Lab Features

Highlights of the lab include:

  • Adult and pediatric high-fidelity human patient simulators (mannequins) capable of providing physiologic responses to patient care
  • Touchscreen vital sign and EKG monitors
  • Functional Infusion pumps
  • Mobile computer carts with barcode scanners
  • Various mobility equipment
  • Small group debriefing spaces
  • Top-of-the-line electronic media system
Women in medical lab
nurses being observed in lab
doctoral candidate performing lab work with microscope
nurses using medical mannequin

The RHCHP Clinical Simulation Laboratory and our staff are available for hire for trainings and events. For additional information and pricing, please email