Application Requirements

Accelerated BSN

Applicants to the Accelerated BSN program apply via the Nursing Centralized Application Service (NursingCAS). Review the NursingCAS site, and the information below for details on how to apply.

Application Requirements

    1. Submit the Nursing Centralized Application Service (NursingCAS) application online at
    2. Submit two recommendation forms directly through NursingCAS. Select professional or academic references only; personal references are not accepted. The recommendation forms provided in the application must be used.
    3. Submit (upload) a written personal statement per the NursingCAS application instructions. This personal statement is reviewed and scored and is a required component of Regis University’s application. You’ll need to write a brief statement, USING YOUR OWN WORDS, expressing your motivation or desire to become a Nurse.
    4. Within the “Patient/Healthcare Experience” section of the application include all relevant healthcare employment experiences, and/or volunteer experiences.
    5. Submit (upload) a current resume noting professional and volunteer experiences and relevant healthcare certifications.
    6. Request official university and/or college transcripts to be sent directly to NursingCAS. Official transcripts should not to be sent directly to Regis University. Arrange for NursingCAS to receive a separate official transcript from each regionally accredited U.S. university and/or college you attended. NursingCAS will not verify your application until all official transcripts and other required materials are received. See NursingCAS for Transcript Request Forms.

To allow for timely processing, it is recommended that the NursingCAS application and all supporting materials (transcripts and letters of reference) be submitted to NursingCAS at least 5-6 weeks prior to the application deadline. However, an application will be reviewed as long as all documents are received by NursingCAS by the specified application deadline.

For applicants with international course work: Submit an official course-by-course evaluation of your foreign educational credentials from one of the approved National Association of Credential Evaluation Services members ( Photocopies of the evaluation are not acceptable. Completed evaluations can be sent to NursingCAS or to Regis University at the following address:

Regis University
3333 Regis Boulevard, A-12
Denver, CO 80221-1099

Please note that acceptance to the program are made based on cumulative GPA, science GPA, two recommendations, a personal statement, and previous healthcare/volunteer experience. It is imperative that all of this information is included in detail within your NursingCAS application. Please note that items such as references and the personal statement/essay are not required fields within NursingCAS, but are required by Regis University and must be completed in order for an application to be considered complete.

ATTENTION REAPPLICANTS: All prospective students who are reapplying must use their existing NursingCAS account. NursingCAS allows applicants to roll their previous application forward and you are able to update most application documents. In order to roll your application forward you will need to select the new term designation and Regis University will require that you provide an updated personal statement, resume and third letter of recommendation from a new reference. If you have completed any course work since you last submitted your application you must do an academic update and supply NursingCAS with the updated official transcript.

Materials in support of an application for admission become the property of Regis University and will not be provided or returned to an applicant.


Listed below are the required courses for completion of the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at Regis University. The total degree requires 120 semester hours. This includes all prerequisite course work, credit for prior degree, and 62 semester hours of nursing course work completed during the one year program at Regis University.

To participate in the Accelerated BSN program, you must have a previously earned non-nursing baccalaureate and/or graduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Our policy regarding prerequisite courses is as follows: At least three of the four prerequisite science courses including labs must be completed by the application deadline. Any remaining prerequisites should be planned or in-progress by the deadline. All prerequisites must be completed prior to starting the program.

  • Human Anatomy* with lab (4 credit hours)
  • Human Physiology* with lab (4 credit hours)
  • Microbiology with lab (4 credit hours)
  • Chemistry with lab (4 credit hours)
  • General Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • Developmental or Child Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • Sociology (3 credit hours)
  • Philosophy (3 credit hours)
  • Nutrition (3 credit hours)
  • Statistics (3 credit hours)
  • Health Care Ethics** (3 credit hours)
  • Religious Studies (6 credit hours)

*Students can take either Human Anatomy/Lab and Human Physiology/Lab as a sequence or a combined A&P I/Lab and A&P II/Lab as a sequence to fulfill this requirement.

**Health Care Ethics is offered at Regis University every eight weeks online. Incoming students will have the opportunity to complete the Applied Ethics in Health Care (HCE 430) course from Regis University the term prior to starting the program. Students are welcome to look for an upper division course equivalency outside of Regis; however, we highly suggest receiving confirmation that the course will fulfill the requirement before enrolling. Contact the Office or Admissions for confirmation at or 303.458.4900.

Prerequisites may be taken at any regionally accredited institution. We highly recommend you request an unofficial evaluation of your previous college/university course work.

Admission Criteria

The Accelerated BSN program has a competitive admissions process where students are selected based on a number of factors including cumulative GPA, science GPA, current resume, two recommendation forms, personal statement, and previous health care and/or volunteer experience. Academic performance is weighted more heavily than the other criteria. The following eligibility criteria apply:

  • Minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or above on a 4.0 scale. This GPA is calculated by NursingCAS and will include all completed course work, including course repeats. Regis University will remove courses from the NursingCAS cumulative GPA calculation if the course was not completed at a nationally-accredited institution. Regis University will add courses completed at an international institution from a provided international credential evaluation to the NursingCAS cumulative GPA calculation.
  • Grade of “C-“ or better in all prerequisite courses required for the major in Nursing.
  • Applicants must have a previously earned non-nursing baccalaureate and/or graduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university and have completed all departmental and core requirements prior to the intended start term.
  • Three of the following science courses must be complete by the application deadline and all four must be complete by the program start date: Human Anatomy (or Human Anatomy & Physiology I), Human Physiology (or Human Anatomy & Physiology II), Microbiology, Chemistry. All four science courses must include a lab component.
  • Other prerequisites may be in progress at the time of application but all must be completed by the start of the program for those admitted.
  • Eligibility for all BSN programs is pending the successful completion of a drug screening and a criminal background check. See our complete list of Disqualifying Offenses. A complete list of required prerequisites can be found under the Program Requirements tab.
  • Eligibility for all BSN programs is pending the successful completion of the Essential Functions and Safety Forms. Contact for the Essential Functions and Safety forms.
  • Applicants must have the ability to meet all the requirements for licensure and the physical, psychological and emotional standards established by the Colorado Nurse Practice Act and the State Board of Nursing.
  • A complete health history and physical examination record indicating that the student is physically able to meet the objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, and is appropriately immunized is required after admission to the program.
  • Applicants must have the ability to complete the American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for health care professionals certification.
  • If English is not your native/first language, you must meet either of the following language proficiency requirements:
    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) – Internet-based: Minimum score of 82 (24 Writing, 20 Speaking, 22 Reading, 16 Listening), Computer-based: Minimum score of 213. Regis University's TOEFL code is 4656.
    • Applicants that have successfully completed an undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited US institution do not need to provide a TOEFL score.

    Admission to Regis University does not guarantee professional licensure. To learn more about licensure requirements, see Disqualifying Offenses and Eligibility of Licensure Notification.