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Computer science is an essential part of nearly every other field, interwoven throughout business, health care, education, science and the humanities. Computer scientists devise efficient and elegant technological solutions to complex problems, using theoretical and practical knowledge to develop software which drives business, changes lives and strengthens communities.

Our accelerated B.S. in Computer Science degree will help you develop a broad set of skills and knowledge, including programming, data structures, algorithms, database applications, systems security and more. You'll graduate with a firm grasp on the foundations of computer science and an intuitive understanding of the challenges on the horizon.

The B.S. in Computer Science is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, This is a prestigious nonprofit agency that accredits only those programs which meet the highest standards. The Regis B.S. in Computer Science degree is one of only two programs in the country which is both accredited by ABET and can be earned completely online. Read more about ABET accreditation.

Classes are held online in 8-week formats for maximum flexibility. You can also accelerate your education even more by earning your bachelor's and master's degrees at the same time through our FastForward program.

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Program Format
Online courses
8-week terms

Transfer Friendly
Transfer up to 66 credits

Key Dates
Starts are offered in January, March, May, July, August and October

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Software Engineer

Software Engineers are responsible for applying computer science and engineering concepts to create software solutions. Software Engineers can expect to collaborate with multiple teams throughout an organization to translate business requirements into software solutions.

Web Developer

Web Developers are responsible for creating and managing websites utilizing multiple programming languages. Web developers can expect to work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages to name a few.

Application Developer

Application Developers are responsible for designing and coding programs and applications and usually specialize in one field of application development. A few examples of specializations are phone applications, accounting software, and graphic software.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists interpret and analyze large amounts of data. After analyzing the data, Data Scientists use the information that they got from the analysis to create solutions to business challenges using data.

Network Architect

Network Architects/Engineers design a variety of networks such as computer networks, local area networks, wide area networks, and other communications systems. Network Architects should expect to test all networks after designing them.

Systems Analyst

Systems Analysts are responsible for the analysis of how software and IT systems are performing and if they are fitting the needs of the company or organization. Systems Analysis should expect to train new employees on all systems as well as gather systems performance feedback.

Jeff Hemmes

"Our faculty care very deeply about your learning and your success"

Name: Dr. Jeff Hemmes

Title: Associate Professor, Computer Science

Hometown: Granger, Indiana

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By the Numbers

Projected growth in computer science jobs by 2028*
Median salary for computer and IT jobs*
New jobs in computer and IT by 2029*

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Computer and Information Technology Occupations

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Combine Your Bachelor's and Master's with the FastForward Program

The FastForward program at Regis enables you to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree at the same time and get on the fast track to success. Through our dual degree combination options, you can complete both degree programs at a faster pace and a more affordable cost.

Recognized for Excellence

The B.S. in Computer Science is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, This accreditation assures that programs meet standards to produce graduates ready to enter critical technical fields that are leading the way in innovation and emerging technologies, and anticipating the welfare and safety needs of the public.

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CS 390: Principles of Programming Languages

Investigate programs written in declarative and imperative programming languages including functional, logic, structured and object-based approaches.

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CS 444: Software Engineering

Develop well-designed, reliable, flexible, modular and verified software systems using an Agile development cycle.

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CS 473: Artificial Intelligence

Explore the technologies used to construct computer-based agents that perceive, represent knowledge, search spaces and learn.

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Tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year: $589 per credit hour
Total program credits: 120 (credits taken at Regis University will vary based on your number of transfer credits)
Tuition is one part of the overall cost of attendance, which includes all expenses students may have, including basic living costs. For more information about tuition, fees and your estimated cost of attendance, visit our Cost of Attendance for Adult Undergraduates and Graduate Students page. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

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