Cornerstone Program

If you are an undergraduate student in Regis College's School for Professional Advancement, the Anderson College of Business and Computing or Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions' Division of Health Services Education, and you are transferring fewer than 45 credit hours or starting your education fresh, you will begin at Regis with Cornerstone, part of Regis's adult learner core curriculum.* This program cultivates the foundational skills you will need for your education and your career while introducing you to your peers for a cohesive learning experience.

Three Cornerstone Components

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Foundational Classes

We developed Cornerstone to connect four core classes, required for graduation, together. This gives you a more meaningful experience, as the courses build in skill development and theme. At the end of this program, you will have a foundation to jump into the remainder of your time at Regis.

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Academic Cohort

You will be assigned to a cohort of 12-18 students to complete the Cornerstone classes. Your cohort is your built-in network of mutual peer support, easing your transition back into academic life. We encourage you to lean on your peers for social and academic backing through the rest of your experience at Regis.

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Academic Success Coach

You will be assigned a dedicated academic success coach who will provide you with individualized support and help keep you focused on your academic goals. Ask your coach for anything you may need—that is what they are there for!

Building the Academic Foundation

Each of the four classes within the Cornerstone program is seven weeks long, with a one-week break between courses so you can refresh, re-center and focus on the courses you are taking for your major, if you decide to take more than one at a time. You will complete all four classes with your cohort. The classes are:

  • The Skilled Learner: hone your oral and written communication skills
  • Intro to Philosophy: analyze yourself and the world around you while implementing what you’ve learned
  • Intro to Religion: explore religion around the globe and across time to practice critical thinking and intercultural skills
  • Leading Lives That Matter: combine your new skills in this course on social responsibility and ethical reasoning

Community On Campus

Various on-campus events held at our Northwest Denver Campus will give you the chance to meet your classmates and engage with the larger Regis community. Keep your eye on your email and the Regis events calendar for upcoming on-campus opportunities.

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Scholars Deserve a Scholarship

Successfully complete the four Cornerstone classes, and we will cover the cost of your fifth.** We believe in the power of these foundational courses that strongly. Our Cornerstone Scholarship celebrates your success and keeps you moving toward the graduation stage.

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Student Spotlight: Melissa Grant

Major: BA in Communication
Minor: Philosophy
Specialization: Leadership and Conflict Management

"The opportunity for real-time application in the Regis adult learner programs is extraordinary."

Learn More about Melissa Grant's Experience

*Cornerstone is required for accelerated, online and/or evening undergraduate students transferring 0-44 credit hours and enrolling in the Regis College School for Professional Advancement, Anderson College of Business and Computing and Division of Health Services. Up to two of the courses may be accepted in transfer. Please contact your admissions counselor to determine eligibility.

**To receive the Cornerstone Scholarship, you must meet the eligibility standards (stated above), maintain continuous enrollment and receive a passing grade for four consecutive classes at Regis.