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Military and Veterans

Regis University is proud to provide personnel in the armed forces with values-based degree programs. Active duty personnel and veterans can choose from bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and related certificates in the high-demand fields of business, computer sciences, counseling, humanities, social sciences and teacher education. Regis is ideal for military personnel who want to continue their education and advance their careers.

Tuition Assistance Benefits

Our military preferred tuition rate is $275 per credit hour for undergraduate degree programs in the following colleges:
  • Anderson College of Business and Computing: All undergraduate programs
  • School for Professional Advancement: All undergraduate programs
  • Regis College: Undergraduate Non-traditional Teacher Education
  • Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions: BS in Health Care Administration, RN-to-BS Nursing and BSN CHOICE Nursing

10% off per credit hour for graduate programs for active duty members for the following colleges:

  • Anderson College of Business and Computing: All masters degrees
  • School for Professional Advancement: All masters degrees
  • Regis College: All masters degrees
  • Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions: Certificate – Fellowship in Manual Therapy (PT); Master of
  • Nursing (excludes Practitioner); Master of Health Service Administration; Master of Counseling) and Doctorate of Nursing
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Submit Documentation Now

In order to prove eligibility for the Military Preferred Tuition Rate, you must complete the Military Preferred Tuition Form and attach your tuition assistance form to the military preferred form, or email it to registrar@regis.edu.


Using Your Benefits

Tuition assistance enrollment requests must first be approved by your Educational Officer (ESO) military counselor and then submitted to Regis University prior to the course start date. Contact your branch regarding eligibility and their process for submittal.


  1. Complete the online Military Preferred Tuition Form and click submit, or fax to 303.964.5536.
  1. Register for classes at Regis.
  1. Request tuition assistance for approval
  1. Print the approved document and forward to Regis University. Tuition Assistance documentation can be emailed as PDF documents to sponsoredbilling@regis.edu or faxed to 303.964.5418.
  1. When approved, tuition assitance forms are received at Regis and your student account is notated detailing the benefits. This prevents any past due charges or registration restrictions.
  1. Tuition assisance documentation is required for each semester detailing course registration. Once approved this works in lieu of payment; therefore, forms must be received in this office by tuition due date.
  1. The sponsor (i.e. Air Force, Navy, Army, etc.) pays Regis and the student’s account is adjusted appropriately.
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Military Preferred Tuition Contact Points

Regis NW Denver Campus Military & Veteran Resource Center

241A Clarke Hall 
Denver, CO 80221

VA Student Counselor

Registration Office
303.458.4116 phone
Toll free 800.388.2366 Ex. 4116
303.964.5536 fax

Sponsored Billing

Student Accounts
303.458.4079 phone 
303.964.5418 fax 

Location, Contact Info and Hours

Financial Aid

Location: Main Hall 4th floor

Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Appointments are Encouraged

303.458.4126 or 1.800.568.8932

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