Follett ACCESS Textbook Program

Follett ACCESS is a partnership between Regis University and the Ranger Station Bookstore that allows you to rent or purchase textbooks at a reduced cost for the Summer 2024 terms. The charge is posted directly to your Regis tuition and fees can be paid along with your university charges or using financial aid.

Enhanced changes are coming soon to the ACCESS program for the FALL 2024 Semester…including a new name!! Look for details and a brand new set of FAQS soon. The FAQ’s below are appropriate for the Summer 2024 terms.

What do students think about Follett ACCESS?

Students at other universities who have participated in a similar program love the convenience and ease of accessing their course materials ... and being ready for classes on day one! Other benefits include:

  • Minimize time spent searching for deals on course materials
  • Don’t worry about getting the wrong book or the wrong edition
  • Receive all course materials through a stress-free procurement experience
  • Easily access, manage and use digital course materials
  • Having required course materials on day one makes it easier to be more successful in class


The Follett ACCESS textbook program takes the hassle out of buying course materials because course material costs are covered as a per-credit-hour fee charged to your student account. This allows every enrolled student access to all required materials on day one. Once you have selected your courses, your course list will be sent to the Regis Bookstore. The bookstore store gets everything ready for you.

Yes! Students who enroll could see an annual cost savings of $400 to $700. You will not pay out of pocket for your required course materials because costs are covered in the per-credit-hour fee.

Once you have selected your courses, your course list will be sent to the bookstore, and they will get everything ready for you! For “Summer Semester”, “Summer Variable” and “14 Week” courses, you can begin to pick up your materials at the Regis Bookstore April 22, 2024. For all other Terms participating, your course materials will be shipped to you before your first class meeting.

You can elect to opt out of the program at:

You may only elect to opt out of your entire term. For example, if you are enrolled in Fall 8W1, all courses you are enrolled in during Fall 8W1 will be opted out from the program, and you will be responsible for purchasing the required materials on your own. Feel free to price shop your individual courses and do your research. You can always opt back in.

You must use your email address when you register. The system will only recognize your email address. This is not the same as your RegisNet username and password. You have the option to create your own password, but you MUST use your email.

The portal “open date” is approximately one month before the first day of class for your term. The portal closes on the last day to Add/Drop.

Important note: If you elect to opt out, the Bookstore notifies Student Accounts every Friday via a report of all opt outs for the week. In turn, Student Accounts will remove the charge upon receipt of the weekly Friday report.

Term(s) Portal Opens Portal Closes
Summer Semester, 5W1, 7W1, 8W1, 14 Week April 7, 2024 May 16, 2024
7W2, 8W2 June 2, 2024 July 7, 2024
5W2 May 12, 2024 June 20, 2024
5W3 June 16, 2024 July 25, 2024
Summer Variable April 7, 2024 July 25, 2024*
*Remains open as needed based on last day to Add/Drop


Refunds will be processed based on the University's refund policies. Factors such as having a current balance due, or whether your student account is up to date, can dictate how refunds or credits are processed. For more information about your student account please contact Student Accounts at or 303.458.4126.

If you drop a course, return materials to the campus store by the Add/Drop date for your term. If you add a new course after you have already picked up your materials, go to the campus store one day after enrollment to pick up your additional course materials.

Only materials identified by your professor or academic program as “required” are included as part of the program. All “recommended” materials will be available for purchase at the Regis Bookstore, online at or by special order.

All RENTAL books must be returned to the bookstore when your specific term ends.

After the term is complete, printed course materials must be returned to the Regis Bookstore. However, you can choose to keep books by paying an additional fee at the bookstore when your specific term ends.

Under most circumstances, the Regis Bookstore will have hard copies available. Please visit or contact the bookstore to confirm whether your specific title is in stock or if the store can order it for you.

Please visit or contact the Regis Bookstore and they can assist you in extending your license. There will be an added fee you will need to pay when you check out at the bookstore.

In an effort to continue to lower course material costs for students, some courses are exempt from the program. Courses in the following programs are currently not part of the Follett Access program:

  • Health Care Ethics
  • Master of Development Practice
  • Master of Fine Arts
  • Nursing (All)
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy

If you are enrolled in a course in these programs, you will not see a fee for courses in your program. If you would like more information about why certain courses may be exempt, please contact the Regis Bookstore or Auxiliary Services.

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