Voluntary and Involuntary Leave of Absence and Re-Entry Policy

Policy Number: #200

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Provost

Responsible Office(s):

  • Office of Records and Registration

Date Adopted: 08-18-2020

 A. Purpose

Regis University (Regis) acknowledges that during a semester or course, a student may be temporarily unable to attend classes or be required to pause their studies in order to take time away to pursue a personal, professional or volunteer opportunity, to recover from a physical or mental health concern, to assist a family member, or any other situation that requires the student’s attention. Students may elect to take a Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLOA) or Regis may deem it necessary to institute an Involuntary Leave of Absence (ILOA).

B. Scope

All Regis students should read and be familiar with this policy.

C. The Policy

Voluntary LOA:

In many cases there are less drastic alternatives to a VLOA such as seeking an incomplete for affected classes and finishing coursework at a later time and/or finishing the current semester and taking a break for a future term or semester. Students are encouraged to discuss such options with the Dean of Students or the applicable academic advisor, program chair or dean prior to submitting the VLOA form.

If a VLOA is needed prior to completing the current term, students should follow the official withdraw procedures first and understand the current tuition refund schedule. A student undergoing extenuating circumstances can submit a Registration Status Update and Tuition Appeal form if the conditions of the VLOA warrant review under that policy.

If applicable to a student’s need for a VLOA, please also see the following resources:

  • Medical LOA and Re-Entry Policy.
  • Military Servicemembers LOA and Readmission Policy.
  • Leave Due to a Pregnancy Related Condition, Childbirth, or Sexual Misconduct: Please contact the EO & Title IX Coordinator at 303-964-6435.

Any student needing a VLOA should consult the current Catalog for specific requirements as notifications and re-entry policies vary by college/program as well as degree completion time periods. Regis also encourages students to resume their education as soon as possible after an absence and students should contact Enrollment Services to guide re-entry after a leave of absence.


The Voluntary Leave of Absence form should be submitted to the Office of Academic Records & Registration.

For students taking a leave of absence of any kind who receive financial aid through federal, state, or institutional funding programs, the policies and procedures regarding those programs will govern, regardless of a leave of absence approval. Students should reach out to the Office of Financial Aid for information on the impact of withdrawing from current courses and/or taking a leave of absence as there may be resulting charges or payments required.

Involuntary LOA:

Under certain and rare extenuating circumstances in which it becomes evident that the student cannot meet Regis University’s essential eligibility requirements with or without accommodation, or that the student poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others, the student may be placed on an Involuntary LOA by the Dean of Students. This status will only be utilized following an individual assessment and after other approaches (such as reduced course load or change of living environment) and/or reasonable accommodations have been evaluated or attempted and deemed infeasible or ineffective.

In determining if an individual poses a direct threat to health or safety of others, Regis ascertains the nature, duration, and severity of the risk and probability that the potential risk will actually occur and whether reasonable modifications of policies, practices, or procedures or the provision of auxiliary aids or services will mitigate the risk.

Regis University’s individual assessment may include any or all of the following: evaluation of the student’s conduct and whether it meets the conduct expectations for the student and the student’s academic program; use the best available objective evidence including the opinions and recommendations of the student’s treating physical or mental health professional, if available; an evaluation of the student by university selected medical or mental health professionals on or off campus; and/ or an assessment of the student’s medical records. The student may also elect to seek an independent medical or psychological evaluation at the student’s expense for the purposes of this review.

The duration of leave as well as requirements for re-entry will be provided to the student at the initiation of the leave. If the Involuntary LOA is for a medical or mental health reason, the student will have the same re-entry requirements as a Medical LOA.