The Greater Denver Alumni Club of Alpha Sigma Nu

The Greater Denver Alumni Club of Alpha Sigma Nu (ASN) became an official club at the Triennial ASN Convention in Denver, Colorado in October 2003. The Alumni Club supports and encourages an alumni's lifelong commitment to the ASN values of scholarship, loyalty and service, and the ideals of Jesuit education. The Alumni Club strives to provide concrete opportunities for expression of that commitment.

Greater Denver Alumni Club members participate in service projects, sponsor speaker events, develop programs that connect faith with life, and provide a venue for career and social networking.

All Alumni Club members are welcome at board meetings. If you'd like to attend, please contact

The Greater Denver Alumni Club of ASN Board

Madonna Gaudio

Ann Williamson


Board Members
Sara Jarrett, Advisor
Brittny Valdez
Alicia Gould
Brent Werner
Carolyn Billecci
Emma Shewmaker
Karen Metzger-Adducci, Advisor and Foundress
Lisa K. Moore
Jayme Beukelman