President Aceves’ vision for Regis

A bright future

“Regis has a bright future if it harnesses the power of a nearly 500-year Ignatian educational tradition that is transformative and whole-person centered. Regis has a bright future if it creates a strategic plan that is bold and distinctive to prepare students to help build a more just, humane, and sustainable world.” – Dr. Salvador D. Aceves, Ed.D.

President Aceves is leading Regis to develop a reinvigorated culture of academic excellence through the pursuit of liberal arts, expansive critical thinking and creative expression.

There Are Six Focus Points

Build Enrollment

Invite families who already share a commitment to Jesuit Catholic education to support their sons and daughters to continue their education at Regis University and reach out to our Colorado and national partners to support their employees through a Regis education.

Grow Philanthropy

Announce a significant gift every quarter.

Innovate Academics

Reimagine traditional, post-traditional, graduate, and doctoral education that is both market responsive and financially sustainable.

Enhance Community

Develop an intentional and inclusive campus culture by adopting a systems-thinking mindset built with the understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that reinforces the interconnectedness of people and issues. Be a leader and a meaningful contributor in the communities we live and serve.

Support Students

Strengthening the student experience as transformative and student-centered, elevating each student's moral and ethical development.

Invest in employees

Made significant progress towards making Regis University an employer of choice for faculty and staff. Made working at Regis be more than just a job, but rather an opportunity to live the mission.

A Strategic Planning Framework to ensure the thriving of Regis University long into the future.