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Physical Plant

Physical Plant is charged with the development and maintenance of physical resources at Regis University's Northwest Denver Campus. As part of our mission, the Physical Plant Team is committed to conserving energy and preserving the environment. Physical Plant is divided into five main service categories:

Physical Plant oversees and coordinates all construction and renovation projects and service contracts such as custodial service, elevator maintenance and fire detection. The work order technician processes in excess of 15,000 requests in a year.

Custodial Maintenance
The custodial staff is responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of nearly all spaces on the Northwest Denver Campus. The goal of our custodial staff is to always strive toward a clean and pleasant environment with regularly-scheduled cleanings of classrooms, offices, restrooms and common areas.

The Landscape Department is here to maintain a safe and aesthetically beautiful campus on roughly 70 acres of Regis University Northwest Denver Campus. This includes the Arboretum at Regis University as well as the management of custodial services.

Structural Maintenance
The windows and doors, walls, floors, ceilings, paint, hardware, lighting, carpet, and signage are just some of the many responsibilities assigned to the structural crew. In addition, they conduct regular inspections, perform routine maintenance, repair and make minor improvements.

The Utilities department has the responsibility to monitor, operate, maintain, and repair components and systems that provide heat, cooling, water, sewer, and electrical power on the Northwest Denver Campus.

Call for Work Order 4944

Contact Physical Plant at x4944 if you need the following services:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Heat or air conditioning problems
  • Recycled items pickup
  • Help moving furniture

For all other requests call x4944


Regis University has earned membership in the United States Environmental Protection Agency 2014 Green Power Leadership Club for the fifth consecutive year.

In meeting the Leadership Club requirements, Regis joins an elite group of organizations demonstrating exemplary environmental leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the work needed is an emergency, please call extension 4944. (An emergency is considered life threatening and/or a threat to property.) If it is not an emergency, please submit a workorder via email.

The majority of the heating and ventilation systems on campus were not designed for individual control. There are some thermostatic valves on the radiators of the older buildings that permit the occupant some control. Temperatures are controlled, for the most part, by a computerized Energy Management System which is interconnected throughout each building on campus. Please report heat and air conditioning problems to the Physical Plant at extension 4944.

Before any key is issued, a key request form must be completed and turned into the Physical Plant with the department head's signature. Upon completion of the Faculty or Staff Key Request or the Student or Adjunct Staff Key Request Form the requesting party needs to sign for his/her key personally at Physical Plant. We're located in the basement of the DeSmet residence hall.

Please call Physical Plant at extension 4944 during the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We will dispatch someone with a battery pack to help jump-start your car. Please provide the vehicle make, model, color, and location to aid us in finding your car. For car problems after hours, contact Campus Safety at extension 4944.

If you need to schedule a move, please enter it into the work order system or call the work order technician at extension 4944. Please call one to four weeks in advance to schedule the move.

Location and Contact Information

Physical Plant

DeSmet Hall Basement

8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

General Phone: 303.458.4944


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