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Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Do you enjoy discussing complex issues with folks from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to try to create a more just and regenerative world? The SEED Undergraduate Fellowship Program is a year-long sustainability leadership program that challenges students to explore diverse perspectives, create meaningful relationships, develop a critical consciousness and serve as positive agents of sustainability.

As a SEED Undergraduate Fellow, you will:

Read and learn about sustainability and leadership

Design, build and launch a sustainability impact project

Build relationships with sustainability resesarchers, practitioners and leaders

SEED Undergraduate Fellows will leave the program not only with the title "Regis SEED Fellow" on their resume, but more importantly with an impact project, practical leadership tools, extensive sustainability knowledge and connections with each other and other sustainability practitioners who may be potential employers. 



Becoming a SEED Undergraduate Fellow

Undergraduate Fellows are required to take one 3-credit class in the fall and one 3-credit class in the spring (AND3900/AND3901). This Fellowship is a commitment to a community of learners and practitioners who want to change the world for the better – it will require time, dedication and enthusiasm.

The Undergraduate Fellowship is recommended for students considering careers or further education in diverse fields including business, health care, education, journalism, sciences, government, nonprofit work and technology – we not only welcome all perspectives, but believe they are the key to creative and unique solutions.

The Undergraduate Fellowship Program is available to students with sophomore standing or above. Interested students must submit an application to the program.

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Maeve Cavanaugh

Major: Environmental Science and Biology
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Graduation Year: 2022

Sustainability Focus/Interests: I am very interested in horticulture and the impacts it has on common life. How it can inspire people to care about the natural world and create systems that encourage sustainable farming practices.

Mandy Colburn

Major: Finance
Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas
Graduation Year: 2023

Sustainability Focus/Interests: I am extremely interested in understanding where my place is in the world and how I can work to do my part for the betterment of the natural world. I also want to learn how to equip and teach other leaders, like myself, in order to have a lasting impact.

Micah Perez

Major: Environmental Studies & Spanish
Hometown: Houston, TX
Graduation Year: 2024

Sustainability Focus/Interests: I want to focus on engaging our future leaders, specifically college communities, in sustainability efforts and educational programs to promise a sustainable and greener future.

Courtney Schiller

Major: Finance
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Graduation Year: 2022

Sustainability Focus/Interests: I’m interested in helping in the pursuit of making effective and efficient sustainable decisions in business. I’m also focused on spreading awareness about the obligation businesses should feel toward sustainability and CSR.

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SEED Faculty Fellows

AnaMaria Conley

Associate Professor of Accounting, Economics and Finance

Matjaž Bren

Lecturer of Marketing and Business Administration

The cohort of SEED Anderson College Faculty Fellows provides support to faculty members who wish to learn more about the topic of sustainability within their fields.

SEED Faculty Fellows

  • Explore the question of how business and technology can be a force for good in the world
  • Deepen their connection with Anderson College peers by exploring leading-edge topics together that are at the heart of the future of business and technology
  • Re-invigorate their curriculum, research and practice
  • Collaborate on ways to innovate in their classrooms
  • Connect their students to SEED opportunities and events