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Music Program

Music provides many profound opportunities to enrich, enliven, and inspire: and to bring together people of all backgrounds, interests and faiths. Many Regis students take applied music lessons or participate in one of the wonderful music ensembles on campus for personal enrichment, sheer enjoyment or to enhance their academic studies. At Regis, all students will find a dedicated and nurturing music faculty who are among the finest performers and teachers in their fields. This is an exciting time to get involved in the new and rapidly growing Music Program. Make music a part of your academic life at Regis.

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Applied Music

Any full-time student, faculty member or staff, with at least some musical background (e.g., have some prior private training) may take a 200-level applied music lesson. Students can sign up for a 30-minute or 60-minute time slot with their instructor on a first-come, first-serve basis. There they will also find contact info for each instructor.

Many applied music students are taking lessons for personal enrichment while others are pursuing more advanced studies through the Music major and Structured Music minor. All applied music students are required to participate or attend performance classes. Performance classes are offered throughout the year or in one or more of the numerous student recitals.

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Performance Classes

Performance classes are fun and informative. They provide a low pressure and encouraging environment where music students have an opportunity to find out about performance issues and to develop strategies for performing in public. Performance classes are not open to the public; only applied music students and music instructors may attend.

Lower-level applied students (at the 200-level) are required to attend at least two performance classes each semester. 200-level applied students are not required to perform, but some faculty (at their discretion) may ask students to perform a piece or part of a piece at one of these classes. Advanced applied students (at the 400-level), music majors and music minors are required to attend at least three performance classes, performing at least one complete work at one of these classes.


Regis Music Program Concert & Event Calendar

Join us as the Music Department hosts various concerts, ensembles, choirs, and other events all year long.

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Music Scholarship

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts offers competitive music scholarships to talented musical performers who will contribute to the quality of the Regis University Music Program. All full-time Regis College students, regardless of academic major (including non-music majors) are eligible to audition for music scholarships. Students with a strong background on an instrument or in voice are encouraged to apply and audition for a music scholarship. These awards may be added to other university-awarded scholarships up to, but not exceeding, the amount of tuition. 

Although the priority deadline has past, we are still accepting music scholarship applications. We encourage you to submit the audition video link and required documents as soon as possible, as applications will be reviewed as they are received.

Auditions are required for students interested in music scholarships and admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance degree program. The same audition will serve both purposes. Live auditions take place at Regis University on published dates or by special arrangement. IMPORTANT NOTE:

More information about the video audition requirements can be found here.

Please email all documents, questions about the application or audition process, or the Regis Music Program to Kathy Ives at

In addition to completing the online application, you are required to submit the following documents to complete your application:

Statement of Experience and Intent: Provide a description (one-page maximum) of your past experience in music and your long-range career plans.

Repertoire: List the pieces you will perform at the audition. If you have additional pieces you have studied that are representative of your abilities, please list these, as well.

Letter of Reference: Provide one letter of reference from a person who can write about your music experience.

Apply for a Music Scholarship

All full time Regis College students, regardless of academic major (including non-music majors) are eligible to audition for music scholarships. These awards may be added to other university talent scholarships up to, but not exceeding, the amount of tuition

Music Ensembles

Beyond the Classroom

More than 100 students and another 30 faculty, staff, and community members participate in one of the eight music ensembles offered through the Music Program at Regis. Most music ensembles are two credits and meet for two hours a week. Every music ensemble presents a concert each semester that showcases the group as well as the individual talents of its members.

Chamber Ensemble

FAM 269/469: Chamber Ensembles are geared for various combinations of orchestral instrumentalists (mainly strings and woodwinds), and concentrate on music from 1725 to today. Chamber Ensembles consist of several small chamber groups each with an instructor who works directly with the ensemble.

Chapel Choir

FAM 220: The Chapel Choir rehearses and performs sacred music for both regular (Sunday Mass) and special liturgical activities (Lights, Lessons & Carols) at the St. John Francis Regis Chapel.

Collegium Musicum

FAM 230/430: The  Collegium Musicum is a large mixed ensemble of singers and instrumentalists that focuses on earlier music styles (madrigals, motets, renaissance dances etc…), and requires some previous choir or instrumental experience. The Collegium Musicum is open to a limited number and type of instruments since they concentrate on music before 1750.

Concert Choir

FAM 402: The Concert Choir is an advanced choral ensemble (an audition is required) which focuses on challenging repertoire from the Classical through Contemporary periods. 

Guitar Ensemble

FAM 448: The Guitar Ensemble is a more advanced ensemble for guitarists. Generally, participants have already had at least one private applied guitar lesson. In special cases, freshman may audition for the Guitar Ensemble. 

Jazz Ensemble

FAM 259/459: The Jazz Ensemble is open to all students. This instrumental group explores the American jazz repertoire, covering a wide variety of popular styles that developed from the early 20th century to today.

Piano Ensemble

FAM 442: The Piano Ensemble is designed for advanced piano students who would like an ensemble experience. Participants in Piano Ensemble will often be grouped and coached with students from the Chamber Ensembles.

Meet the Music Faculty

Mark Davenport, Ph.D.
Mark Davenport, Ph.D.

Co-Chair (Music) and Professor

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Loretta Notareschi, Ph.D.
Loretta Notareschi, Ph.D.


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Trudi Wright, Ph.D.
Trudi Wright, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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