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Broaden Your Mind with a B.A. in Liberal Arts.

At Regis, you’ll learn how to think, not what to think. The B.A. in Liberal Arts degree program at Regis is designed for curious learners who want to discover how ideas shape the world. We encourage you to challenge the status quo as you explore humanities, social sciences, philosophy, ethics, logic and more. And with our generous transfer policy, you can transfer up to 90 credit hours toward your program, putting you that much closer to earning your degree.

No matter where your career path takes you, the B.A. Liberal Arts prepares you with highly marketable skills which can be applied across diverse fields, including business, education, government, social services, and science and technology. With small class sizes, faculty mentors and a thoughtful curriculum focused on critical thinking, you’ll cultivate your leadership skills and develop your understanding of what makes organizations successful.

Classes are held 100% online or on-campus in the evenings, in flexible 5- and 8-week formats, perfect for busy professionals and degree completers.

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Program Snapshot

Program Format
Online + on-campus courses
5- or 8-week terms

Transfer Friendly
Transfer up to 90 credits

Key Dates
Starts are offered in January, March, May, July, August and October

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A liberal arts degree can prepare you for a career in business with skills such as negotiation, leadership and relationship-building.


A wide variety of careers in education require skills acquired in the liberal arts curriculum, such as communication and broad knowledge across topics.


Public speaking skills and an understanding of a variety of issues across the arts, humanities and sciences are critical to those pursuing a career in government.

Social Services

Liberal Arts majors working in social services regularly draw on their knowledge of sociology, psychology, humanities and national and global issues.


A career in science requires not just knowledge of a specific scientific field, but also liberal arts skills such as oral and written communication and an ethical foundation.


Set yourself apart as a technological expert with additional skills in the areas of business and economics, human rights and social.

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Erica Ferg

"Employers want graduates who have liberal arts skills"

Name: Erica Ferg

Title: Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, School for Professional Advancement, Regis College

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

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By the Numbers

Avg. salary for B.A. Liberal Arts grads*
Avg. liberal arts class size at Regis
Additional lifetime earnings for bachelor’s degree vs. high school diploma**

*PayScale, B.A. Liberal Arts Degree
**Brookings Institute, “Major decisions: what graduates earn over their lifetimes

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Oral and Written Communication

Choose from courses such as Speech Communication; Leadership Principles; Cultural Intelligence; Business Writing; and Persuasion, Influence and Motivation.

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Social and Natural Sciences

Choose from courses such as Positive Psychology; World Economic Issues; Poverty, Race Gender and Social Conflict; Natural Science Laboratories; and Issues in Sustainability.

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Global Issues

Choose from courses such as World Economic Issues; Comparative Foreign Policy; Ethics and the Human Person; and Human Rights and Women's Rights.

To apply to the B.A. in Liberal Arts program, you will need:
  • Completed online application
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Official transcript(s) from prior colleges
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Tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year: $515 per credit hour
Total program credits: 120 (credits taken at Regis University will vary based on your number of transfer credits)
Tuition is one part of the overall cost of attendance, which includes all expenses students may have, including basic living costs. For more information about tuition, fees and your estimated cost of attendance, visit our Cost of Attendance for Adult Undergraduates and Graduate Students page. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Earning your Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts sets you apart and prepares you for professional success — think of it as an investment in your future. And you may be closer to graduation than you realize. View the Transfer Guide for a complete list of transfer credit equivalents that can save you time and money. Between our generous transfer policies, scholarship opportunities and financial aid packages, advancing your education is within reach. Explore our Investing in Your Future undergraduate financing guide for lots of helpful tips.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts is offered by the School for Professional Advancement within Regis College.