Early Decision at Regis University

If Regis University is your first choice of college for traditional on-campus programs, we recommend that you apply for Early Decision. By making this commitment, your application will be processed sooner and you will receive a decision well in advance of everyone else.

If our beautiful Denver campus, diverse student body and values-based education are a good fit for you, applying early is an opportunity to secure your spot as soon as possible.

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Have questions about Early Decision at Regis?

Contact Dina Harder, Director of Traditional Enrollment Admissions at dflorez@regis.edu or 303.625.1262.

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How It Works

Applying Early Decision is a great opportunity to secure your spot at Regis and start planning your next steps accordingly.

When completing your application, select Early Decision as your preferred admissions plan and review the agreement terms before checking the box. The deadline to apply Early Decision for the Fall 2024 semester was Oct. 1, 2023.

Once admitted as an Early Decision applicant, you must accept our offer of admission and will be expected to enroll. You must also withdraw any other applications already submitted to other institutions.

Advantages of Applying Early Decision

Get Fast Notification

Applying Early Decision allows students to get their admissions decision earlier than regular applicants. Apply Early Decision by October 1, 2023, to receive a decision by October 18, 2023.

Increase Your Odds of Admission

If Regis is your first choice, selecting Early Decision could benefit your chances of admission, as the applicant pool is much smaller compared with the number of students who apply Regular Decision.

Secure Your Spot in a High-demand Major

If you’re interested in a highly competitive Regis program, applying Early Decision could help you guarantee your spot early on as a qualified and engaged student.

Get Personalized Support

Since those who selected Early Decision will have their applications reviewed ahead of everyone else, our Admissions and Financial Aid teams will be able to focus on those selected students and families before they start processing all other applications.

Have Financial Clarity

Admitted Early Decision applicants will also receive their financial aid offers before regular-pool applicants, and if those awards are not enough to make attendance possible, the student may request to be released from the Early Decision commitment.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Getting admitted in October will allow you to relax and enjoy the holiday season knowing exactly what the future holds for you. Having that sense of security will help you finish your senior year strong while having plenty of time to get ready for college life!