Transferring Credit

At Regis, we understand that pursuing higher education is an investment of both time and resources, which is why we have options to maximize your credit and experience. As a bachelor’s degree student, you may be able to transfer up to 87 credits toward your degree program.

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College Credit

Regis University accepts transfer students and transfers credit in many different ways. Whether you have earned your associate degree, completed coursework at other colleges or organizations, or would like to receive credit for military service or courses completed through your employer, we can help. If you have prior college credit, you may be closer than you realize to achieving your educational goal. Credits must be earned at a regionally accredited institution, and an admissions counselor can evaluate your transcripts to see which credits apply to your program of interest.

Accelerated Online General Education Credit

Recommended and approved by the American Council of Education (ACE), Regis has partnered with Straighterline and Sophia for pathways to complete lower-division general education courses online, at an accelerated pace. Check out Straighterline options here and Sophia course equivalencies here.

Explore AP, IB and Other Exams

Regis accepts credit from Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Examination (CLEP) and Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) standardized tests. Find more information on applying these credits or contact your admissions counselor

Explore Transferring Military and Experience Credit

College credit can be earned for military experience as well as prior learning outside the classroom. Regis University accepts American Council on Education (ACE) credits for select programs. The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends credit for formal courses or examinations offered by various organizations.

Curious how your college credits will transfer?

Reference our transfer guides to see exactly which courses you can apply to your Regis program. If you have any questions about transferring credit, consult your admissions counselor or email

Community College Bridge to Bachelor's

The Colorado Community College to Regis Bridge to Bachelor’s Program is a partnership between Regis University and the Colorado Community Colleges to provide engagement, advising and ongoing contact while you are completing your associate's degree.

Unofficial Transcript Evaluations

Get an estimate of the number of transfer credits you can apply using our no cost transcript evaluation. If you have prior college credit, you may be closer than you realize to achieving your educational goal. Let us evaluate what you have done, and see how it matches up with the program you are interested in pursuing. Simply send us copies of transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. You may use one of the following methods:


Mail to:
Regis University Office of Admissions
Mail Code A-12
3333 Regis Boulevard
Denver, CO 80221


Indicate that you would like an unofficial transcript evaluation and the name of your program of interest. Include your name, phone number, email address and mailing address on your request. The name of the institution must be listed on the copy of the transcript. If grades are listed by number, please provide a key. Degree audits are not preferred; please try to obtain actual copies of your transcripts.

Please allow 7-10 business days to process your evaluation. If you provide us with your email address, we will send you the evaluation by email. Completion of an unofficial evaluation does not indicate acceptance into an academic program.