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Help us spread the word about Regis Gives April 16-17 and how our annual days of giving help our students embody the Jesuit mission in their education, communities and careers. During Regis Gives, are endless opportunities to impact scholarship, opportunity, mission, service, and more.

This social media toolkit includes images and social post captions for you to share, increasing the impact of Regis Gives! Let’s show the world what our Ranger community can do!

We encourage you to use the following hashtags in your Regis Gives social media posts: #RegisGives #ThisIsRegis


Download and share the QR code below with your supporters and help them quickly find the Regis Gives page and the many reasons to give.

QR code for Regis Gives

Regis Gives 2024 logo

Project-specific graphics and the Gives Day logo pack are available for download to assist you in supporting all the reasons to give.


We've got answers! The Office of Alumni Engagment is here to help you promote the programs that mean the most to you.

How can you help leading up to Regis Gives?

The following messages have been created to help you show your support for Regis University students and our Jesuit mission on your social media accounts. Simply copy, paste and post your preferred social profile.

  • Save the Date! Regis Gives is April 16-17 — Regis’ annual fundraising event which supports scholarship, service and transformation at Regis. Learn more at www.regis.edu/gives #RegisGives #ManyReasonsToGive
  • This Regis Gives, join the Regis community in support of a project that you're passionate about, or that helped you as a student! Show your support April 16-17. Learn more: www.regis.edu/gives #RegisGives #ManyReasonsToGive
  • Help students embody the Jesuit mission and develop essential career skills by supporting a campus cause you’re passionate about. Please consider a donation to your chosen scholarship program on April 16-17. Learn more at www.regis.edu/gives #RegisGives #ManyReasonsToGive
  • Join me this #RegisGives, April 16-17, in helping Regis University provide a transformative education to the next generation. Let’s show the world just what Rangers can accomplish!www.regis.edu/gives

How can you help during Regis Gives?

Share, share, share! Share a post directly from one of Regis University’s accounts or copy, paste and post the following suggestions to your preferred social media accounts.

  • #RegisGives starts now! Make a difference in the lives of students with your gift at www.regis.edu/gives. #RegisGives #ManyReasonsToGive
  • Good morning, Rangers! We have over 20 amazing campus causes that need your support! Help Regis do and be more at www.regis.edu/gives #RegisGives #ManyReasonsToGive
  • Today is #RegisGives! You can help provide students with  opportunities to embody our Jesuit mission, regardless of their financial circumstances. Check out the full list of programs you can support today: www.regis.edu/gives #RegisGives #ManyReasonsToGive
  • Today is the day! This Regis Gives you can help current and future Rangers thrive in the same programs that launched you into your career or new programs you’re passionate about: www.regis.edu/gives #RegisGives #ManyReasonsToGive

Join us in thanking all our donors after Regis Gives.

Equipping the next generation of students for lives of service and meaning is no small task and donations — no matter how small — play a role. Join us in saying thank you to our donors on Thursday, April 18?

  • Thank you to all the amazing people who participated in Regis Gives the past two days! We are grateful to be a part of this generous community. #RegisGives #ManyReasonsToGive
  • Thank you to everyone who supported our schools, programs and causes during Regis Gives! Your donations help our students pursue truth, strive for justice and cultivate beauty in our world. #RegisGives #ManyReasonsToGive