There's Nothing Stronger Than People Power

Think of a hugely successful company, whichever one comes to mind first.


If you’re like many people, the multicolored lettering of Google’s logo, the effortless cool of Apple or the futuristic efficiency of Amazon might have popped into your head. Or perhaps a smaller but highly successful company such as Patagonia, Hulu or Peloton comes to mind. Or maybe it’s just the ice cream shop down the street, with the line of customers snaking around the block.

Now think about what makes that company so successful and highly regarded. It might be their emphasis on technology and innovation, keeping them at the forefront of new trends. Or it could be their singular focus on the customer experience, ensuring they have legions of admiring fans and brand ambassadors. Or it might just be the quality of their products, putting them ahead of their competition by leaps and bounds.

Whether it’s innovation, customer experience or product quality, the fact remains, none of it is possible without people power. Indeed, the human resources department at any successful company is directly responsible for keeping the company headed in the right direction. Personnel decisions have an impact on every other aspect of the business, which is why human resources managers are more in demand than ever before.

At Regis, we’re training the next generation of human resource leaders in both our bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. We’re looking for those who enjoy helping people find their niche and sustain professional success. If you’re a strong team player and have a knack for matching skill with opportunity, a career in human resources might be just what you’re looking for. As an HR professional, you’ll be directly responsible for hiring, training, motivating and providing benefits to employees, as you tap into your passion for humanity, equality and the dignity of all workers.

The B.S. and M.S. in Human Resource Management programs at Regis will prepare you for any number of career paths, including human resources manager, recruitment specialist, organizational consultant, labor relations advocate or benefits administrator. You can also fast-track your HR education with our combined bachelor’s to master’s pathway, earning both degrees at a faster pace and more affordable cost. The job outlook for HR managers is excellent, with a median pay of $116,720 and projected growth rate of 7% through 2028.*


If a career in human resource management sounds like your cup of tea, we encourage you to get in touch with an admissions counselor today. Email us at or call 800.944.7667 to get started. Or apply today using our no-fee application—no GRE scores or interview required. Your new career in empowering others awaits.

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