Regis University Lowell Campus

Regis University adjusts its spring 2021 calendar

Counseling patient at Thornton clinic

Regis University provides teletherapy services in Thornton

Regis outdoor classroom

Media shines spotlight on outdoor classes

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Dust Off Those Career Cobwebs

Picture this: You’ve been in your IT career for several years now and know your way around both your company’s finicky coffee machine...

Work on Your Six-Pack

Beer. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? That golden, effervescent nectar of the gods, with a history dating back to the temples and farmhouses of...

Big Problems Worth Solving

This message goes out to all the would-be movers, shakers and industry moguls of the world—if you have the seed of a great entrepreneurial...

We Might Be in Denver, But We Can Do a New York Minute

Quick! What if you need to get to work, but you overslept and missed your train or bus? That’s easy, just grab an Uber or Lyft and be there...

Put Away Your Wallet

Aren’t there enough forces in the universe conspiring to throw a wrench in your day? It seems that between stubbed toes and the...

There's Nothing Stronger Than People Power

Think of a hugely successful company, whichever one comes to mind first. If you’re like many people, the multicolored lettering of...

From Here to Graduation in One Outfit or Less

We’re lucky enough to live in an era when the bulk of human knowledge is at our fingertips. Earlier generations would be in awe. What to do...

Elevate Your Style with the Mile-High MFA

Does the written word move you? Do you feel a jolt of electric creativity every time you put pen to paper or your fingers on the keyboard? Are you...

Follow the Clues to a New Career

If you find yourself at home with a pile of detective novels on your coffee table, listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast, while Ice-T makes...

Why is Colorado the best place for an active student like me?

Denver has a culture scene for every interest and a blend of city and wild mountains – add Regis’ student programs and you’re...

How can I have a college experience as an online student?

Today, you don’t have to go to a college campus and listen to lectures to get the memorable college experience. Personal development...

Guardians of the digital galaxy

The cybersecurity career field will continue to grow over the next decade as ITS teams add cybersecurity analysts and infrastructure jobs at home...

Brewing Diversity

Regis University and Station 26 Brewing Co. to provide craft beer scholarship to underrepresented students.

Ask Regi

Regi tackles difficult questions about how to ask others to respect your Coronavirus comfort zone.

Giving for a Living

As one of the first universities in the country to offer a degree in nonprofit management, Regis understands that for you, a career is about more...

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