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Peak Performance

Rangers Basketball Star Diana Lopez Takes Her Place In The RMAC Hall Of Fame

Family Traits

Twin biology majors hope to follow in the footsteps of their mother, a Regis alumna and physician

When Nurse Becomes Patient

Alumnus Justin Regan, who works with cancer patients, overcomes the disease himself.

Celebrating 100 Years of Carroll Hall

Carroll Hall, the imposing building that appears to be part gothic monument, part turreted castle, this year celebrates 100 years of gracing the...

A Regis University Alumna’s perseverance, passion saves wild lives

Starting in 2025, hundreds, and eventually thousands, of California cougars — along with foxes, deer and other wildlife — will owe...

Kid in the Hall: How Arnie Herber got his start at Regis University

There probably aren’t a lot of people around who remember that Regis once had a football team, and a pretty decent one at that. Fewer still...

Rock and a Not-So-Hard Place

If he hadn’t found the perfect parking spot outside a restaurant in suburban Chicago years ago, Jim Johnson might never have discovered his...

Healing the Earth

How Regis is answering the Vatican’s call to care for our common home.

Dreams Realized

Becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution expands opportunities for Regis and its students.

Regis University Appoints First Lay and Latino President in School History

We spoke with President Salvador Aceves. Ed.D., to learn more about his experience and his vision for the future of Regis.

From Slave to Saint

Julia Greeley is being considered for sainthood, but whatever the Vatican decides, her life and works inspire.

Sound and Color

Regis pharmacy professor studies the viral TikTok trend, brown noise, and whether it can calm ADHD symptoms by regulating the release of dopamine.

On A Mission

How the Regis community is living Magis by helping asylum seekers from Venezuela.

Women’s Basketball Posts Stunning Season

The team nobody expected to go anywhere nearly went the distance in the NCAA Division II National Women's Basketball Tournament.

Education Unbarred

Regis prison education provides transformation and insight to those on the inside – and the outside.


Regis music instructor's short film pays tribute to artists who brought healing after 9/11.

Faith and International Education Inspire Aspiring Teacher

When some kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up, their answers might evolve from astronaut to basketball player to movie star. For...

Cop Turned Professor Makes Crime a Classroom Favorite

After 20 years in a Regis classroom, Associate Prof. Don Lindley still packs them in with true-crime stories of his undercover years on the Denver...

For Morris Price, Jr., it’s the human impact, not the dollars, that matter

Price remembers his mother speaking these words to him decades ago: “Let them make the money. You keep changing the world.”

Regis Prepared Colorado’s First Latina Congresswoman for Success

First-generation college student and Regis alumna, Yadira Caraveo is the first Latina US Congresswoman to represent Colorado.

Service Medal

Generations of Mike Redmond’s family have headed into harm’s way with saintly protection.

Regis Professor Had a Few Bones to Pick

The unlikely story of how a Jesuit priest – and Regis professor unearthed some of Colorado’s greatest prehistoric treasures.

The Teacher Who Climbed Everest

Regis alumnus Eddie Taylor makes history as part of the first all-Black team to summit Everest.

Disanto Reflects on 50 Years of Nurturing Regis Students

Ron DiSanto was on track to become a priest, until he found his calling — teaching.

Ken Phillips Weaves a Tempest in Tapestry

Inside his hidden studio, Regis’ Ken Phillips uses fabric and inspiration to weave Prospero’s magic

From the Ashes

Regis community members find hope and connection amid the Marshall Fire rubble

Providing a Lifeline

Regis Safe Outdoor Space answers call to help people experiencing homelessness

Combatting Maternal Mortality with Data

Former refugee and future physician Sabitra Niroula hopes to help women worldwide give birth safely

Master’s Scholar Plans to Put Her Health Care Experience to Work for Others

With help from Regis University’s Military Scholars Fund, 76-year-old Diana Bress is using her life-experience to serve others.

Bringing Prison to the Classroom — and the Classroom to Prison

Regis affiliate instructor Jim Bullington brings his experience educating those in prison to the classroom to help Regis students understand...

Water Damage

Regis biologists assess Marshall Fire’s impact on Coal Creek

Surendra Mahapatro Retires after 33 Years at Regis

Celebrating three decades of research, mentoring and making science accessible.

Zooming with Pope Francis

Regis freshman among students chosen to talk with, and question, Pope Francis about critical issues

Matched for Life

MBA alumna deploys her skill and experience to improve health disparities among people of color

Turmoil, tragedy test police chief’s leadership

Arvada, Colo., Police Chief Link Strate calls police work “an incredibly honorable profession,” and one that can be immensely satisfying.

HealthONE scholar brings passion for helping and healing to patients

Jesuit values guide Kendra Henderson through her day as a Regis nurse and HealthONE scholar.

The Little Cemetery That Moved

The journey of 43 Regis Jesuits and one Irish boy

Wild Life

Counseling Student Uses Army Ranger Tactics to Track Cheetah Poachers

Discerning Consciences

Michael Baxter, Peace Activist and Director of Catholic Studies, reflects on his time counseling conscientious objectors.

A VOICE for those struggling with poverty

Regis alumna Elisabeth Monaghan helps amplify the voices of those struggling with housing instability in The Denver VOICE.

Helping students find direction

How Jesuit education guides Compass Academy’s philosophy and mission

Mile High Achievers

MFA faculty write their own success stories

A Vision of Health

Faith, hard work and Regis support bring caring and wellness to a Denver community.

Sowing seeds for the Psyche

Regis alumna Amy Berryman heals damaged bodies with patience and science. In her spare time, heals psyches with flowers.

Becoming Regis

How Regis lost its Sacred Heart but got its name.

McCormick Scholarship Attracts and Aids High-achieving Students

McCormick Scholars, like Molly Schmanke, demonstrate strong character and exceptional academic prowess.

Regis’ Tree Whisperer Helps Diverse Species Take Root

Meet Sonia John, the woman behind Regis’ celebrated arboretum.

Changing Course to Capture History

Dan Steinle’s career path has meandered since his time at Regis, but his passion gave way to a new career photographing civil unrest.

Regis Welcomes New Chief Academic Officer

Get to know new Provost Karen Riley.

Ahead of the Game

Porter-Billups Leadership Academy reflects on 25 years of helping kids grow to become doctors, teachers, nurses and leaders.

Just Having a Season Counts as a Win

How Regis Athletics persevered through the COVID-19 pandemic in Spring 2021.

Vaccine Booster

Associate Professor Stephanie James, Ph.D., MBA, is fighting fear and disease with facts and science.

World Class Education

2021 Grads from All Over Converge on Regis’ Northwest Denver Campus

The Sacrifice of Walter Springs

Walter Springs was inspired to change a world burdened by racism. Now Regis honors his legacy.

Long Lost Songs of Regis

What’s in a school song anyway? Explore the history of Regis anthems and the contemporary work of Associate Professor Loretta Notareschi and...

Making the Places We Go Inclusive

Learn about one professor's role in renaming our important geographic landmarks to reflect a fuller history.

Peace, Justice and the Grace of Understanding

These Ignatian insights may guide you in your desire to join the struggle for racial justice.

Trials, Treatment and Triumph

Cancer couldn’t stop a determined mom from achieving her dream

Hall of Fame

Before continuing his famed career at the University of Kentucky, basketball Coach Joe B. Hall built a legacy at Regis.

Strong Words

In Regis professor’s searing poetry, social issues become personal.

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