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Regis University to feed 400 families with food grant

Regis University food pantry organizers are feeding more than 400 families this week thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Denver Department of Public...

Creighton, Regis expand an already innovative partnership

A newly inked agreement between Creighton University and Regis University in Denver demonstrates how cooperation between Jesuit universities can...

Regis is first Jesuit university to join national employee tuition network

Regis University recently partnered with the Denver-based Guild Education to provide higher education certificates and degrees for employees at...

Find a mentor with four easy steps

Finding a mentor can speed up a change in fields or your next promotion. Here are simple steps to start a mentorship that fits your networking style.


The Sacrifice of Walter Springs

Walter Springs was inspired to change a world burdened by racism. Now Regis honors his legacy.

The courage to begin

Only you can know if the time is right to return to school. Adults have many reasons for completing their degree: what’s your North Star and...

Stirring up Compassion and Support

Viviana de la Torre smooths the path for other first-gen students.

Strong Words

In Regis professor’s searing poetry, social issues become personal.

Regis University’s Higher Learning Partners Chosen to Unite University of Tennessee Campuses Online

Higher Learning Partners at Regis selected by the University of Tennessee to unite the system’s four campuses.

What is philanthropy and how does it benefit me?

Giving comes in all shapes and sizes and has a range of lasting impact. Philanthropy is an intimidating term – but there are easy ways to...


Make Your Voice Heard

Who comes to mind when you think about great communicators? Maybe it’s a historical figure like Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony or...

Adult-Strength Education

Like cereals that promise to stay crunchy in milk and one-size-fits-all waistbands, life is full of choices that are destined to underwhelm. As the...

Regis University Innovation Center Launches Fourth Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Center in the Anderson College of Business and Computing at Regis University recently launched its fourth-annual Regis Innovation...

Dust Off Those Career Cobwebs

Picture this: You’ve been in your IT career for several years now and know your way around both your company’s finicky coffee machine...

Work on Your Six-Pack

Beer. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? That golden, effervescent nectar of the gods, with a history dating back to the temples and farmhouses of...

Regis University adjusts its spring 2021 calendar

Since we expect COVID-19 to remain a serious public health concern through next summer at least, the University has adjusted the spring 2021...

Big Problems Worth Solving

This message goes out to all the would-be movers, shakers and industry moguls of the world—if you have the seed of a great entrepreneurial...


Plan to minimize your college debt

Paying for college is a big roadblock to returning to school. There are options for budgeting and minimizing your college debt.

Regis University provides teletherapy services in Thornton

Thanks to a generous grant from the city of Thornton, the Regis Center for Counseling and Family Therapy is able to equip qualifying clients within...

Put Away Your Wallet

Aren’t there enough forces in the universe conspiring to throw a wrench in your day? It seems that between stubbed toes and the...

Is a certificate in data science right for you? 

Data touches every aspect of modern life – creating a growing career field filled with opportunities and uncharted paths. Dip your toes in...

There's Nothing Stronger Than People Power

Think of a hugely successful company, whichever one comes to mind first. If you’re like many people, the multicolored lettering of...


What career options does a criminal justice degree provide?

Criminal justice offers many pathways to positively impact our society. Beyond law enforcement, there are a variety of skills required to create a...

From Here to Graduation in One Outfit or Less

We’re lucky enough to live in an era when the bulk of human knowledge is at our fingertips. Earlier generations would be in awe. What to do...

Regis provides outdoor learning options on campus

To help students learn safely and effectively, Regis University has established outdoor teaching spaces for use in pleasant weather during the fall...

Follow the Clues to a New Career

If you find yourself at home with a pile of detective novels on your coffee table, listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast, while Ice-T makes...

Why is Colorado the best place for an active student like me?

Denver has a culture scene for every interest and a blend of city and wild mountains – add Regis’ student programs and you’re...

Swivl technology revolutionizes Regis’ blended learning

To assist with hybrid and blended teaching formats this fall, Regis University faculty members will have access to cutting-edge Swivl...


How can I have a college experience as an online student?

Student support services have moved online along with classes - you don’t need to miss out on the networking and social benefits of a college...

So you want to graduate faster? Here’s how.

When you need to upskill or change careers, graduating fast is a top concern. There are many ways to go back to school and complete a degree at...

Guardians of the Digital Galaxy

The cybersecurity industry is continue to grow but requires training and education. Now is the time to for a degree or certifications to start your...

Brewing Diversity

Regis University and Station 26 Brewing Co. to provide craft beer scholarship to underrepresented students.

Ask Regi About Coronavirus

Regi tackles difficult questions about how to ask others to respect your Coronavirus comfort zone.

Regis University and HealthONE Forge Partnership

Trusted institutions collaborate to provide educational opportunities and foster healthcare workforce growth

Plan for Traditional In-Person Classes

For students in our on-campus, traditional, undergraduate and graduate programs and some health profession programs, classes will start a week...

Humanity in Color

Faculty member R. Alan Brooks uses the pen to combat bigotry and challenge views on race.

Welcome to the Show

Former Regis Ranger Steven Brault is a hit on the big-league diamond and in the recording studio.

Regis Rises

When COVID-19 struck, Regis found creative ways not just to survive, but to serve.

Conquering Cancer

Regis researcher Chris Malarkey may have found a way to stop one type of malignant tumor before it ever starts.

A Last Look at Loretto Heights College

Take a look at the former Loretto Heights College campus, set to become a mixed-use residential and commercial development.

Making the Most of Opportunity

Tori Rinsem finished her Regis women's soccer career as both a conference First Team honoree and Academic Player of the Year. But 23 career...

Searching for Connection

Professor Erica Ferg's extensive work in the Middle East led to her first book about the intertwining factors and shared practices that shape...

Fallen But Never Forgotten

Seventy-six years after he died in World War II, the body of missing Regis soldier Pvt. Harry W. Wilder comes home to rest at Arlington National...

Healing in the Pandemic Epicenter

Alumnus Alexander Herrmann crossed the country to treat COVID-19 patients, but don’t call him a hero.

Are Those Three Little Letters Still Worth It?

It’s a common saying across the business world: “You gotta spend money to make money.” Whether it’s investing in stocks or...

A Generous Helping

Regis sophomore, Guenevere Diaz, turned the account balance from her campus meal plan into meals for teens experiencing homelessness.

Bat Man

Baseball's clubhouse manager of the year brings the love of the game and a Regis degree to the job.

Do I bring it up to my boss?

Regis alumnus David Dye distills lessons learned from top companies in new co-authored book, "Courageous Cultures," which details how to...

CARES grant benefits counseling clients

The City of Thornton awarded a grant to the Regis University Center for Counseling and Family Therapy, allowing the center to equip some...


What is a Jesuit?

Jesuit colleges may be one of the most well-known but obscure of private educations. Why are Jesuits, a Catholic order or priests, involved in...

Are you thinking about becoming a health care professional?

Health care is about serving people, including partnering with patients to set and reach their goals. Saving lives is a noble career - not for the...

Regis study: Social media may hold key to stress recovery

A Regis biology team published a study that provides answers on a critical topic in the digital age: social media as coping strategy.

In observance of Juneteenth

On June 19, 1865, emancipation for more than 250,000 enslaved people in Texas became a reality when Major Gen. Gordon Granger and his 1,800 troops...

Regis University celebrates DACA ruling

Regis University President Rev. John P. Fitzgibbons, S.J., issues a response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling concerning the DACA program

Power Pops Protein takes first place in 2020 Regis Innovation Challenge

Regis alumnus Ben Williamson’s startup, Power Pops Protein, took first place in the 2020 Innovation Challenge, a business competition...

Get a Dose of the Pharmacy Life

Pharmacists are active problem solvers. Yet most pharmacy schools ask students to absorb lectures passively. Who could blame students for counting...

How can I serve the world with a liberal arts degree?

A liberal arts degree and the humanities open doors with a strong foundation for leadership, higher earning potential and advanced degrees along.

Regis University adopts test-optional admission policy

Changes will benefit students applying for Fall 2021

Are You a People Person?

Are you a people person? Does the idea of public speaking fill you with energy instead of causing you to break out in a cold sweat (like most of us)?


Regis University president's statement on the death of George Floyd

A message from Rev. John P. Fitzgibbons, president of Regis University, in response to the unjust killing of George Floyd and the violence...

Networking tips to boost your online degree

Networking as an online student is hard, not impossible. Following these tips and be one of the 85% of people who land a job through professional...

Honoring a Good Apple

We kicked off May with Teacher Appreciation Week. And if you’re like us, five days doesn’t seem nearly long enough to recognize our...

Honoring Sacrifice with Scholarship

Pam Heaberlin honors mentee and friend Suzi Lockard with a scholarship for students pursuing a Master of Science degree in nursing to become...

Fluorescent Lighting Versus Sunshine

Summer and the great indoors. Wait a minute, those words don’t go together. Or do they?

Regis’ fall semester to start early, end on-campus classes by Thanksgiving

Regis University has announced it will welcome students back to its Denver area campuses this fall but will start classes early and end on-campus...

Worried about paying for college? We can help

45% of students see cost as the top concern when choosing a college. Financial wellness, understanding loans and scholarships can maximize your...

Is a Master’s degree worth it?

Decisions about your education and the value of a master's degree require reflective thinking on life and career goals, earning potential and...

Will my credits transfer?

College credits, AP classes, associate degrees and even life experiences can all transfer to help you complete a degree or advance your education.

Why should I get a Jesuit education?

Challenging the status quo and driving social change has been part of the Jesuit education for over 500 years. Is joining a service-focused...

How can I develop skills outside the classroom?

Education doesn't just happen in the classroom. Community involvement and student volunteering can help build your resume and help your...

How can I balance work, family and school?

Continuing your higher education path is important even when you are trying to balance a work and family. Here are a few tips for success.

Regis announces integrated business and information sciences college

In the new Anderson College of Business and Computing, Regis students will be able to pursue degrees that combine business, computing and analytics.


Keeper of the King

Meet Jack Soden, the Regis grad who saved the iconic home and preserved the legacy of Elvis Presley.

Reinking receives physical therapy field’s highest honor

School of Physical Therapy dean named Catherine Worthingham Fellow by APTA.

Healing the Minds of a Nation

A conflict-ravaged nation has never had proper mental health counseling services. A Regis professor and his team are changing that — by going...

Zombie Philosophy

Bryan Hall has united zombies and philosophy in his new book, An Ethical Guidebook to the Zombie Apocalypse.

From Kenya to Regis

Three members of the Kinoti family bring their shared Kenyan heritage and a faith-driven service mindset to Regis.

Where Technology Saves Lives

The necessity of maintaining and improving our health care information systems grows by the minute, putting health informatics at the forefront of...

Break Barriers, Build Bridges

Now, more than ever, it’s become clear that the entire planet is interconnected—an event in one country can have huge implications on...

The Therapist Will Sniff You Now

Tails are wagging from the baseball field to the School of Pharmacy — but the dogs of Regis aren’t merely bringing cuteness to campus....


Regis University to extend virtual learning to end of semester

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, caution and care for the Regis community, and the need to minimize additional disruption to the learning...

Regis University postpones Commencement, will survey graduates about alternative plan

Due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and related bans on gatherings of more than 50 people through May 11 in Denver, Regis University...

Regis University to suspend classes March 16, resume online March 19

Regis University will move all of its on-campus classroom instruction to online learning environments starting March 19, 2020 to address concerns...

IBM Watson Health Visits Regis

A team from IBM Watson Health visited the Regis University School of Pharmacy on Friday, Feb. 21, to discuss their innovative work, their personal...

Women and Leadership Conference will be March 14 at Regis

Fourth-annual event looks at career pathway differences.


Regis University to host its ninth cybersecurity competition

Two-day event simulates business scenario cyberattack.

PBLA Gala 2020

Eight reasons why the February 2020 PBLA Gala, featuring keynote speaker Phillip Lindsay of the Denver Broncos, was important in supporting...

Regis’ Inaugural Cyber Summit Features Practical Prevention Strategies

The 2020 Regis Cyber Summit offered statistics, strategies and ideas for battling the pervasive and growing threat of cyberattack.

Regis announces new integrated business and information sciences college

Students will be able to stack certificates from business and computer science into one degree.

Guatemalan Baby Shower and Service Project

A group of Regis students will travel to Guatemala Feb. 29 to March 8, 2020, to assist local healthcare workers and provide healthcare education in...


The Liberator

Best-selling author Alex Kershaw's search for a World War II subject led him to Regis — and brought a research bounty.

Regis University to host forum for Democrats vying for U.S. Senate seat

Eight of nine candidates will attend Feb. 11 event on campus

Regis University to host ‘Stronger Together’ cybersecurity summit Jan. 28

Daylong event features Regis cyber experts and industry leaders from Arrow Electronics, the state of Colorado, CenturyLink and more