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Embracing innovation at Regis.


This message goes out to all the would-be movers, shakers and industry moguls of the world—if you have the seed of a great entrepreneurial idea, now is the time to plant that sucker and watch it grow. There’s never been a better time to take a chance on a new concept and develop your own potentially earth-shaking enterprise. 

At Regis, we’re in the business of helping students launch their own business. Students from all majors have access to the Innovation Center, which is designed to bring together students, faculty, alumni and the community to design solutions for an ever-changing world. 

As a Regis student, you’ll have the chance to compete in our Innovation Challenge, where you can create or join a team to compete and win up to $10,000 and a co-working space for your business. Finalists in the competition receive mentoring and have access to the Innovation Challenge team and resources throughout the spring 2021 semester, allowing them to evolve their businesses and prepare for a final competitive pitch in April.

Do you feel your own entrepreneurial fire beginning to spark? Ready to share your bright idea with the world? Is the Forbes list calling your name? It might be time to start exploring ways you can sharpen your business skills and bring your vision to life. Regis offers a variety of programs designed to give future business leaders the tools and experience needed for the rapidly evolving business landscape. It’s time to embrace your inner magnate and change the world for the better—start your application today.

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