So you want to graduate faster? Here’s how.

Do you want to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in lightning speed? It’s doable. 


It’ll take some careful planning, and you may need to skip  winter or summer break. But if you can speed ahead, you’ll save money on your education and jump into your chosen career sooner.   

Read on to drive full speed toward your diploma.   


lightbulb as rocketAccelerate your coursework  

Many universities today offer accelerated online and evening courses, and Regis University is no exception. Designed for working adults, these courses allow students to take one 8-week class at a time. In many cases, students are able to graduate  with their master’s degree in one to two years and under three years  with  their bachelor’s , according to J.T. Smith , Regis’ associate director of Admissions.  

“While the classes are accelerated and students are doing more work, they’re focused on one thing and getting that knocked out before moving on to the next class,” said Smith. “It works well for a lot of people.”  


lightbulb as puzzleTransfer students come in strong  

If you’re returning to college with some coursework under your belt, you’re in luck:  Depending on the program,  Regis will accept up to 87 credits transferred from an accredited community college. That means an associate’s degree can lead quickly to a bachelor’s degree.   

Make those credit hours go farther by starting sooner: Talk with a  Regis A dmissions  counselor  at the same time you begin your community college education.   

“Talking with Regis as soon as possible helps keep a student on the right track by ensuring they take the classes that transfer,” Smith said. “You’ll lessen your anxiety, too, if you have a clear vision for your academic career.”   

Need some help?  Regis provides a  guide  for transfer students.  


lightbulb as target with arrowMilitary and work experience may transfer into credits  

Regis grants college credit for  military education and training . F or select programs,  you can earn college credit  for other experience and prior learning outside the classroom through Prior Learning Assessments and Testing. Regis accepts American Council on Education (ACE) credits for select programs.   



lightbulb as pencilTest out of coursework  

Want to go even faster? Test out of some classes. Another  guide  lists the passing scores for approved Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or college coursework.  Learn more about  transferring credit.  



lightbulb as ideaDon’t wait  — start now  

Want to go to college? Start now.   

“A lot of students are waiting for the perfect time to pursue a degree, but there’s never a perfect time,” Smith said. “If you want to get it done, the best thing you can do is to start now.”   



lightbulb representing self-careTake care of yourself, too  

Another reason to speak with an  a dmissions counselor? To avoid burnout. While taking a long break is not advised, neither is moving so quickly that you don’t enjoy your college experience.   

“We talk about  cura personalis  at Regis — care for the entire person — and we  really   mean it,” Smith said. “We advocate being attentive to your personal needs throughout the length of your academic career.”   

Interested in learning more about Regis’ generous  transfer policy  and  financial aid Learn how your education is within reach with our transfer affordability guide  and  contact an Admissions counselor  to develop a plan fit for your goals.  

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