From Here to Graduation in One Outfit or Less

We’re lucky enough to live in an era when the bulk of human knowledge is at our fingertips.


Earlier generations would be in awe. What to do with such technological wonders? 

You could use it to reign over your local pub trivia night or try out for Jeopardy. You could also be like Oscar from The Office and chime in with an “ackshually” and offer your superior wisdom to your misguided coworkers. But we have a much better idea: At Regis University, we’ve placed a large portion of our academic excellence online. Now, chasing a professional path that matches your passion can be easier than ordering kung pao chicken from GrubHub. 

When life hits you with the unexpected, it’s important to have flexibility in where and when you take classes. This is the 21st century, after all, and we have the technology to let you study from anywhere on Earth. With an online education, you can further your career ambitions without changing your shirt once (but you still probably should.) But wait, you ask, is an online education for me? Learn more and discover if an online education is the right fit for you. 

Looking to advance your education and career online? Talk to an admissions counselor. They’re here to help you navigate the process of going back to school. They might even be open to helping you pick out your new wardrobe once you’ve earned your degree. There is still time to apply for fall classes for our business, computer information sciences, education and liberal arts programs. 

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