Work on Your Six-Pack

There’s something brewing in Colorado. 


Beer. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? That golden, effervescent nectar of the gods, with a history dating back to the temples and farmhouses of ancient Egypt and Sumeria. It’s been with us since the beginning, helping humans celebrate triumphs, mourn tragedies or to simply mark the end of a long work week.

The 20th century saw the utter domination of bland, watered-down macro lagers (not naming names, but rhymes with mud miser). However, since roughly the mid-1980s, a sort of beer revival, a brewnaissance, if you will, has stormed into local pubs and supermarket aisles. You can’t throw a pint glass today without hitting some sort of heady IPA, velvety stout or complex sour.

At the forefront of this global craft brewing craze is the great state of Colorado, and its mile-high capital city of Denver. Home to more than 330 breweries and counting, Colorado employs 7,000+ individuals in this most noble of professions, in a global industry worth more than $3 billion. 

That’s why Denver’s very own Regis University is proud to offer its certificate in Applied Craft Brewing. This part-time program is designed for working adults who are fascinated by brewing, but still need to keep their day jobs. Through hands-on experiences and mentorship from local brewers, students learn the fundamentals of brewing and develop the skills to improve their own craft.

Just take it from Kelissa Hieber, Regis graduate and brewer at Denver’s Goldspot Brewing

“The Regis program was perfect for me because I had a full-time job. So, the fact that it was one night a week after most normal working hours, the fact that it was only a year long, made it easy to fit into my schedule.” 

Is all this talk of brewskis making you thirsty? Interested in trying your own hand at the brewing craft? Well, then you’re in luck. Look into our Applied Craft Brewing program for further details! 

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