How can I balance work, family and school?

With a groan and a thumb-swipe to quiet your squawking alarm, it begins. Every Monday through Friday you’re waking and dressing the kids for school, brewing a life-giving cup of coffee, and finding an extra 30 seconds for yourself — just to make sure your shoes match before heading out the door. 

Being an “adult” means we do it all. That includes making a living while raising little humans, managing our living spaces and continuously trying to develop personal relationships. All that wouldn’t seem to leave a lot of time for improving yourself, completing a degree you left unfinished or getting the knowledge to take your career further. 

Still, there are important reasons to take the next step. You may be hoping to earn a higher salary, fulfill a dream, serve as a role model to others or simply sharpen your mind. For any of the many worthy reasons you’re continuing your education, here are a few tips for success.


“Going back to school was a challenge — but I’m so glad I did it. Online classes were built consistently so I knew what to expect each week. And when I needed inspiration, I’d run my ideas past my partner. For stress-relief, I just needed to turn to my toddler.” - Trisha Himmler '19

Good is better than perfect.
Perfection is great for works of art, but not so good for multi-tasking adults trying to finish a paper due in five hours. Sometimes, it’s better to feel good about your work instead of constantly trying to make it perfect. Recognize your personal limitations and time constraints — and then, simply do your best. Here at Regis, our faculty will be able to give you tips, constructive feedback and show you ways to improve.

Set a schedule. Prioritize your tasks, make to-do lists and set goals and deadlines. Putting school, family and “me” time into a schedule can help you use your time wisely and reduce worry. When you find yourself outside the schedule, don’t beat yourself up. It’s simply a chance to find what went wrong and improve for the future.

Involve your family. When you’re working at home, let your kids mimic you and have a family homework night. Or use your partner’s experience as the groundwork for your paper. Bouncing ideas off others is a great skill to practice when balancing it all.

“I wanted my family to know to never quit. My whole life I'd been telling my kids to put their money where their mouth is. I'd been telling them 'you need to finish what you start'. It took seven years to get my degree completed. I don't even have the words to express my gratitude and gratefulness.” - Robert Carmosino '18

Be present. Don’t worry about what you aren’t doing. Instead, when you realize you’re distracted, bring your attention back to the task at hand. When you’re spending time giving your kid (or dog) a bath, enjoy the moment and don’t worry about the lecture you have to listen to or the reading to be done. And when you’re in class or studying, realize that you’ll have time to spend with family and friends later. 

Learn to say ‘no’. Now is not the time to volunteer for new initiatives at work or take on new external responsibilities if you don’t have to. Meeting current needs at work, school and home will keep your plate full for now. Remember, it’s temporary. 

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