How can I have a college experience as an online student?

You’ve likely heard or even uttered the phrase “college experience” in casual conversation. 


While it may conjure images of 20-something co-eds and large lecture halls, the increasing popularity of online courses has made the college experience increasingly personal and customizable.  

Online classes give students the opportunity to define their own college experienceWith online learning, you can further your career without leaving home — if that’s what you want to do. Other benefits of the online learning experience include:  

  • More flexibility to complete courses. You can complete your classes while you work a full-time job or care for your family (or both).  
  • You can start sooner and finish faster. Many online courses can be completed in accelerated formats, which means you can start shortly after applying and complete your degree on your own timeframe.  
  • You can complete coursework anywhere. Complete coursework at your favorite neighborhood coffee shop, or your favorite nearby camping spot — your classroom is anywhere you can summon a reliable internet connection.  
  • You’ll gain valuable career skills. The added flexibility of online courses requires enhanced organizational skills and self-discipline. Because a majority of your interactions will take place online, you’ll have mastered communicating professionally in a digital space.  


The increased popularity of online education has challenged the stereotypical “college experience and made college more accessible. Resources for on-campus students also have become more readily available for online students. Student support services like career counseling, academic advising, tutoring services and library resources often are widely available. Online students also may email their university’s office of student life to find clubs and organizations they can participate in virtually.  

As you consider your preferred college experience, remember that college is unique to you; regardless of learning format. Whether you choose on-campus or online learning, your experience will culminate with a diploma that furthers your career pursuits.


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