Adult-Strength Education

High in potential, without the empty promises.


Like cereals that promise to stay crunchy in milk and one-size-fits-all waistbands, life is full of choices that are destined to underwhelm. As the adage goes, “if it seems too good to be true,” well, you already know this can only end with the ubiquitous frowning emoji. 

When presented with yet another opportunity to improve your life, we fully understand if your defenses are raised by prior disappointment. Nonetheless, at Regis University we feel the choice to head back to school as an adult is simply too enticing and rewarding to ignore. Allow us a moment to explain a few of the benefits:

• Embracing a new learning challenge will provide a self-esteem boost.
• Honing a new skill is the perfect way to keep your mind sharp.
• Fulfilling a commitment makes you a role model to others.

Whatever stage life finds you in, the payoff for learning something is hardly inconsequential—and substantially more rewarding than a soggy breakfast or ill-fitting wardrobe. So, don’t just sit there. With our flexible online and evening classes, your studies will share a peaceful coexistence with the demands of family and job. Go back to school and work toward a degree that’ll make you better, faster, stronger. Okay, maybe not faster or stronger, but definitely better.


When you’re ready to continue your journey with an adult-strength education, start by filling out your application or reaching out to one of our friendly admissions counselors. But don’t wait too long—classes start on January 11 and our priority application deadline is December 14. 

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