What career options does a criminal justice degree provide?

For many people, the words “criminal justice degree” conjure images of badges, uniforms and car chases. 


But the professional doors opened by a criminal justice degree don’t begin and end with police work.  

As cities and states across the country undertake potential changes to their criminal justice and law enforcement systems, a comprehensive criminal justice curriculum can give you the tools not only to prevent and solve crimes, but also to work at the forefront of enacting positive systemic change. 

"Every day I awake with the hope in my heart that change shall and will come. But I know that will not happen unless we continue to educate and have the necessary conversations." - Erica Fielder, Hearts for Inmates, South Carolina

To understand, prevent and fairly judge criminal behavior, it is essential to understand the roots of that behavior. Likewise, to effect meaningful change in the criminal justice system, a thorough comprehension of how and why that system operates is crucial.

Earning a criminal justice degree provides the opportunity to gain that understanding and equips you to pursue a variety of careers. You’ll explore areas such as the origins of criminal behavior, the influence of race in the criminal justice system, and the ways in which evidence from a crime scene is studied. 

Other common criminal justice topics include: 

Regis University criminal justice graduates
have gone on to careers pursuing restorative justice, aiding crime victims, analyzing evidence for agencies such as the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and investigating computer crime. Graduates have also worked in the growing field of corporate security and have defended national security with the United States Department of Defense. 

Many specialties within the criminal justice field are expected to grow in the coming years. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the need for forensic science technicians will grow by 14 percent through 2028. 

If you are searching for a career that will provide opportunities to find personal fulfillment and make a positive impact in society, criminal justice offers numerous paths. And one of those might be just right for you. 


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