Are you thinking about becoming a health care professional?

Deciding whether to enter a health care profession can feel like a daunting task.


Health care is not about making widgets or products. It’s always about serving people, including partnering with patients to set and reach their goals.

Here are a few points to consider as you make your decision:

  • Are you prepared to care for the whole person? If you are looking for a helping and healing vocation that allows you to work both independently and collaboratively, then you’re investigating the right Today's health care professionals learn to address not only patients’ physical concerns but also their mental, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Can you persevere amid diverse challenges? Health care professionals are “typically self-motivated, excellent problem solvers, have strong interpersonal skills, and can think logically and critically, while being humane,” says Suzanne Holm, an occupational therapist and director of the Creighton-Regis Occupational Therapy pathway.
  • Can you transfer a customer service mindset to addressing people's most urgent needs? As Carrington College wisely advises, practicing health care involves skills common in customer service — from confidence and patience to attentiveness and adaptability. Noticing the presence of these attributes in your life may be further evidence that health care may be right for you.


If you do decide that a health care career may be in your future, you need training you can trust. As a Jesuit Catholic institution that tends to the whole person and values education that serves the world — both in our communities and beyond — Regis University provides a challenging and nurturing environment for entering the health care profession. Here are a few accolades that set our programs apart:


Ultimately, becoming a health care professional is more of a calling than a career. Here at Regis and at our fellow Jesuit institutions of higher learning throughout the world, you can learn the skills to make an immediate impact in the lives of others.


Interested in learning more about our health care programs? Visit the webpage for the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions and contact an Admissions counselor at 303.458.4900 or 

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