Regis Conversations Series Tackles the Homelessness Crisis

In a time when our society faces an array of complex challenges, from economic disparities to climate change, the importance of fostering healthy debate has never been more significant. The recently launched Regis Conversations series is designed to serve as a platform for insightful and informed discussions about the pressing social issues that impact our local community and society as a whole.

Hosted by the Criminology, Criminal Justice, Sociology and Anthropology Department at Regis, the inaugural event will delve into the urgent matter of homelessness, a pervasive challenge that affects numerous individuals in the Front Range region.

Regis Conversations — An informed dialogue around the complexities of homelessness
Friday, Nov. 17, 2023
6 p.m. MT
Regis University, Mountain View Room
Open to all members of the community


Dialogue plays a pivotal role in maintaining the vitality of a healthy society. It offers a range of benefits that extend far beyond disagreement by promoting critical thinking, empathy and understanding, innovative problem-solving and informed decision making.

Addressing the homelessness crisis requires a collective effort and a comprehensive understanding of its multifaceted dimensions. It is a complex problem with roots in economic disparity, mental health and social justice issues. We believe that the diverse perspectives and experiences within our community can provide invaluable insights, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges we face.

Regis Conversations aim to bring together a panel of experts and individual community members, representing a range of ideological perspectives who will engage in a spirited and constructive conversation. The objective is to encourage dialogue, foster mutual understanding and explore potential solutions to this complex policy issue.

Will you join us and share your thoughts on Nov. 17?

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