Fluorescent Lighting Versus Sunshine

Summer and the great indoors. Wait a minute, those words don’t go together. Or do they? 


If you’re considering a summer class or two, they happen to be a great combination. True, summer school isn’t the sort of thing you’ll hear the Beach Boys singing about. But try to see the big picture here.  

Look beyond this one summer and ask yourself:  

Have I reached the deepest levels of satisfaction in my life and chosen vocation? Continuing your education can help you answer that in the affirmative. Here are some reasons why summer school is a good place to start that worthy endeavor: 

  • You can dip your toe into an area of interest to see if you like the waters. 
  • Summer means smaller class sizes and more one-on-one time with faculty. 
  • Taking one or two summer classes is a great way to ease your study burden during the rest of the year. 
  • Start soonergraduate sooner. 
  • Take a summer class or two at the current tuition rates and spend the money you’ll save on some summer fun.

Perhaps the brightest sentiment to considerwhen you’re illuminated from within through education, your sunny days won’t be limited to the summer months. Your academic efforts will be gilded with a sense of deep, personal satisfaction. You may even find yourself rewarded with more paid vacation time at work. 

We’re still accepting applications for our June 29 class start. 

To tap into your summer school opportunities, talk to an admissions counselor or start your application today.  

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