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Embrace the power of expression.


Who comes to mind when you think about great communicators? Maybe it’s a historical figure like Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony or Socrates. Perhaps it’s an artist or musician whose creative efforts resonate deeply within you. Or it could also be someone you know personally, like a teacher, coach or clergy. No matter who comes to mind, the one thing they all have in common is their ability to breathe life into ideas, inspire others and motivate action.

If you feel a passion for sharing ideas and moving others through written and spoken words, a communications-related degree might be right for you. At Regis, we encourage you to embrace your aptitude for explaining concepts and influencing others, as you discover our programs in communications, public relations and creative writing.

We offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs to help you turn your passion for self-expression into a viable career, inspired by our Jesuit values. Take a look at some of our programs:

B.A. Communication
Nothing in the world is accomplished without clear and effective communication. Our B.A. in Communication equips you with the skills needed to shape the strategy and outreach of organizations of all sizes. Transfer up to 78 credits depending on your previous course work.

B.A. Public Relations
Every organization needs to communicate effectively with the public if they are to survive and thrive. Whether announcing the launch of new products, issuing press releases or offering guidance in times of crisis, public relations professionals work at the crossroads of business strategy and public engagement. Transfer up to 81 credit hours depending on your previous course work.

M.A. with Communications Specialization
An advanced communications degree will help you sharpen many skills, including self-reflection, critical and creative thinking, and community outreach. Push yourself to learn more, broaden your expertise and fulfill your professional potential.

M.A. with Creative Writing Specialization
Character development. Short stories. Composition and structure. Does the written word call your name? Dive into the foundations of creative fiction and nonfiction, as you study the works of others and learn about the publishing industry.

MFA Creative Writing (Mile-High MFA Creative Writing)
Our low-residency Mile-High MFA in creative writing program lets you keep your day job but pushes you to make time for writing. You’ll complete the program with a manuscript ready to submit to publishers, along with an action plan for using your writing talent to serve the greater good.

Whether you pursue a degree in communications, public relations or creative writing, you’ll find a wealth of courses that will inspire your passions, challenge your assumptions and enrich your academic experience. Ready to get started? Apply today using our no-fee application and a helpful admissions counselor will be in touch soon.

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