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Does this sound familiar? You’re planning a vacation with your family and, as always, booking the hotel, buying flights and renting the car all falls to you—but really, you don’t mind at all. Or a big project comes up at work and, without fail, your colleagues turn to you for guidance and wisdom, which you’re more than happy to share. Or, hypothetically speaking, you’re in charge of a nation’s health care system and need to find the optimal way to distribute a lifesaving vaccine to millions, using your organizational and leadership skills to keep an entire society safe from disease.

No matter what the situation calls for, people like you are natural born leaders, organizers and problem solvers. Using creativity and whatever resources are available, you find solutions to difficult problems, while inspiring others around you to follow a shared vision and achieve common goals. If this sounds like you, the Regis M.S. Project Leadership and Management can help you refine your organizational acumen and advance your career, no matter what field you’re in. 

A graduate degree in project leadership and management will sharpen your existing skills and help you apply them in the business world. Whether mapping out strategies, building timelines, identifying methodologies or keeping to tight deadlines, you’ll gain a set of practical skills that are invaluable to employers across diverse sectors. In the coming years, there will be no shortage of project management jobs—in fact, PMI estimates employers will need 87.7 million individuals working in project management-oriented roles by 2027.1

The M.S. in Project Leadership and Management from Regis provides a framework for project management business functions, values, decision making, critical thinking and leadership skills that are needed for successful project managers in an increasingly complex and global environment. Whether you have a formal “project manager” title or not, this degree will help any manager be more effective.

The M.S. Project Leadership and Management at Regis is accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC). Our program is focused on, and aligned with, the Project Management Institute’s Talent Triangle of Technical Skills, Strategic Management and Leadership. Only 135 schools in the world hold this accreditation.2


If you’re ready to develop your natural leadership and organizational skills for professional use, then it’s time to get started. Apply today using our no-fee application and discover a world of professional opportunities for project managers.


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