Is a Career in Public Relations Right for You?

Embrace your inner "people person".


Interested in shaking things up and exploring exciting new opportunities? Looking for a well-paid job that keeps you on your toes? Want to put your writing talents and people skills to good use? A fulfilling new career in public relations might be just what you’re looking for.

Every organization, from the largest corporation to the smallest nonprofit, needs to effectively communicate with the public if they are to survive and thrive. Whether announcing the launch of new products, issuing press releases or offering guidance in times of crisis, public relations professionals work at the intersection of organizational strategy and public engagement. The job outlook for public relations professionals continues to shine, with more open positions being added every year across the country and in almost every industry.

If you’re interested in entering this dynamic profession, the B.A. in Public Relations from Regis University can help you get a head start on your PR career. Designed specifically for adult learners and offered completely online, our uniquely flexible program allows you to study and complete assignments when it’s convenient for you, letting you advance your education while juggling a full-time job, family and other life responsibilities.

Our public relations program is distinct from a general communications degree — while you’ll certainly have the chance to sharpen your writing and speaking skills, we also help you develop expertise that is uniquely suited to PR work, including event planning, crisis communications and campaign organization and execution.

As a Jesuit university, a Regis education brings ethics and values into the classroom. Professor Eilene Wollslager, director of the public relations program, says, “PR students learn how to be truth tellers, which is particularly valuable to society, especially today.” A Regis education instills students with a strong sense of the ethical values and sound judgment that PR professionals should embody.

Through experiential learning and service to others, Regis PR students discover how they can make a positive impact on the world through their words. Recently, Regis students completed pro bono PR work for the homeless advocacy group BeyondHome, helping the organization communicate their mission and engage with the larger community. Service learning is built into the foundations of the program — according to Wollslager, “We believe pro bono public relations work is very important.”

The Regis B.A. in Public Relations is an excellent opportunity for students of diverse skills and backgrounds, not just those with a knack for writing and public speaking. Students with graphic design, video editing, technology and science backgrounds are adding to their professional skillsets with a public relations degree and discovering new ways to advance their careers.

If you’re ready to join the dynamic world of public relations, there’s no better time to get started. Apply today using our no-fee application and take the first step toward an exciting new career.

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