We Might Be in Denver, But We Can Do a New York Minute

Instant Decision Day at Regis.


Quick! Need to get to work, but you overslept and missed your train or bus? That’s easy, just grab an Uber or Lyft and be there in minutes. Feeling like a lazy Sunday, but stuck with an empty fridge at home? Call for delivery and have some food brought right to your door. Looking to take out a car loan or open a new credit card on short notice? As the ubiquitous late-night commercials say, “Get approved in just minutes!” It seems like we really are living in the future.  

Let’s be real: In our hyper-paced world, time is of the essence. And the truth remains, we like things to happen quickly and conveniently. With new technology constantly creating higher standards of speed and efficiency, it’s no longer acceptable to hear someone say, “We’ll get back to you when we get back to you.” 

At Regis, we want to help you skip the downtime and get rid of the agonizing weeks of waiting to hear back on your application. To help prospective students move quickly and confidently toward their academic goals, we are hosting two virtual Instant Decision Day events on Wednesday, August 4 and Thursday, August 5.  

You’ll have the opportunity to speak with admissions counselors about our academic programs and financial aid options, and you’ll receive an admissions decision by the end of the day. We can schedule a chat over the phone or online via Zoom. 

Consider some of the perks of Instant Decision Day: 

  •  Receive an immediate admissions decision by the end of the day* 
  •  No essay, official test scores or letters of recommendation needed 

Are you interested? Be sure to apply online before the event using our no-fee application. Additional documents are required for international applicants.

Sign up today and an admissions counselor will be in touch to set up your individual appointment.

Let’s bring the New York minute to Denver. We hope to speak with you in August! 

* All application documents must be submitted prior to appointment to receive a same-day admission decision.

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