Explore the Big Picture with a Master of Arts

Discover how ideas shape the world.

With all the complexity of the modern world, it’s sometimes difficult to take a step back and observe the bigger picture. Ideas beget actions — actions which often have drastic and longstanding impacts on entire communities. More than ever, society needs people who are comfortable exploring these ideas, developing courses of action, challenging the status quo, discerning context and understanding nuance.

The Master of Arts at Regis University was created for just such individuals. Rooted in our Jesuit Catholic values and mission, our program gives you the skills needed to make your mark on society and help build a more just and humane world. We encourage you to challenge the status quo as you explore the humanities, social sciences, philosophy, ethics, logic and more. The Master of Arts was designed for curious learners who want to understand how ideas shape the world.

Students are encouraged to choose from one of six multidisciplinary specializations as they broaden their knowledge and cultivate their ability to parse complex ideas.


Applied Psychology

Develop your ability to study, understand and solve problems that arise in the context of human behavior, such as public health issues, organizational issues in the workplace, and problems in educational settings. 

Nothing in the world is accomplished without clear and effective communication. Hone your existing skills as you explore how communication affects all aspects of human life, including relationships, conflict and leadership.

Environmental Studies

Explore humanity’s rightful place within its bio-physical environment as you examine environmental issues and sustainability solutions from a dynamic interdisciplinary perspective. 

Religious Studies

Religious institutions and religious faith have been driving forces behind human activity for thousands of years. Explore the impact religion continues to have on politics, culture, justice, media and more.


Discover how novels, nonfiction, plays and poetry are not only creations of individual writers or products of their specific historical time and place, but also agents of cultural change.

Creative Writing

Examine the style, form and function of great literary works from various periods and places, as you apply these principles to your own craft and develop new strategies for your ongoing writing practice.

No matter what you choose to specialize in, the Master of Arts program prepares you with highly marketable skills which can be applied across diverse fields, including business, education, government, social services, and science and technology. With small class sizes, faculty mentors and a thoughtful curriculum focused on critical thinking, you’ll cultivate your leadership skills and develop your understanding of what makes organizations successful.

If the idea of starting your master’s degree seems daunting because of all your other obligations and responsibilities, we hear you. We know many of our students are working professionals who juggle work, family, school and many other life duties. With the Regis Master of Arts, you can gain the skills and experience you need to advance your career in a way that fits your lifestyle.

The Regis Master of Arts is taught in an 8-week online course format to maximize flexibility. There’s no fee to apply and no letters of recommendation or GRE score required. As part of your studies, you’ll have the chance to turn your passion into action through an internship or service-learning project, for which you can earn academic credit by taking the Experiential Capstone course.

Ready to get started? Apply today using our no-fee application or get in touch with a helpful admissions counselor.


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