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Cross two items off your to-do list. 

You’ve no doubt heard the English saying to kill two birds with one stone. But have you heard some of its international versions? In Russia and other Slavic countries, it’s kill two hares with one shot, while in Germany, they kill two flies with one swat. Italians get a bit more creative as they catch two pigeons with one fava bean. Regardless of which version of the idiom you prefer, we all intuitively grasp the underlying concept — that is, completing two or more tasks with a single solution or course of action.

At Regis University, we offer our own version of “two birds” through our FastForward dual degree programs. A number of our bachelor’s degree programs can be combined with a relevant master’s program, saving you valuable time and money.

For example, you can complete your B.S. in Accounting and roll straight into the M.S. in Accounting program. Or you can earn your B.S. in Business Administration and then segue into the M.S. in Marketing or M.S. in Organizational Leadership programs.

It’s not just business programs, either. Combine a bachelor’s in Health Care Administration or Nursing with a master’s in Health Services Administration or Nursing Leadership. Or why not combine any of our Bachelor of Arts programs with an advanced Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing? These are just a few examples of the degree combinations available.

Instead of completing your undergraduate program before starting your master's degree, our FastForward dual-degree combinations allow you to get a head start on completing a graduate program. Once you reach junior standing (60 or more credit hours), you'll be eligible to enroll in master's-level courses which will also count towards your graduate degree. There's no up-front commitment when you start your bachelor's program at Regis, so you don't have to decide right away — simply let your academic advisor know if you think a graduate degree might be in your future.

By applying up to four graduate courses toward your undergraduate degree studies, you can get an early start on the master's portion of your education, reducing the overall number of credits required to complete both degrees. This means you graduate faster and save on overall tuition costs!

Ready to get ahead sooner? Explore our FastForward program, get in touch with an admissions counselor or apply today using our no-fee application.

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