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Build a career as an elementary, middle or high school teacher. 


An education degree from Regis University is far more than a simple piece of paper that attests to your expertise. It represents a promise — to your students, to your community and to yourself — a promise that you have gained the skills, experience and confidence needed to lead a classroom and inspire students to achieve their highest potential.

Our initial licensure programs allow you to earn your degree, gain student teaching experience and meet the requirements to become a practicing teacher. You’ll explore important issues such as illiteracy, the link between education and employment, and the needs of underserved populations.

Already a practicing teacher? Whether you’ve been teaching for three years or thirty, an advanced degree or certificate can help you take the next step as an educator. By combining your existing knowledge with new skills and experiences, you’ll be equipped to specialize as an educator or take on a leadership role in your district.

Introducing Educator Enhancement Certificates
We’ve recently created a new program to help teachers continue to grow their skills and knowledge in today’s ever-evolving educational landscape. Our Educator Enhancement Certificate programs are focused on the skills you want to cultivate — allowing you to teach concurrent enrollment courses at the high school level and community college courses in Colorado. We offer three distinct Educator Enhancement Certificates in English, psychology and communication, designed to help you gain new skills, sharpen existing knowledge and accelerate your teaching career.

At Regis, we train teachers and school leaders to teach all children, embrace and take on the challenges of our schools and advocate for their communities. We strive to live up to our Jesuit values and are committed to principles of social justice, anti-racist teaching, inclusive, culturally sustaining, multilingual education and building a compassionate community.

Are you ready to begin your path to becoming a teacher? Ready to make an even bigger impact as an educator? Get in touch with a Regis admissions counselor or apply today.

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