The Associate Vice President and Dean of Students is responsible for overseeing the care and support of our students outside of the classroom. Regis University offers an abundance of resources and programs that will enhance your student experience. I hope that you take the time to learn about, and utilize and engage with  the many services that are available to you, as I believe they will help guide you towards success as a student here at Regis.

It is my hope as the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students that you will find Regis University a supportive community where each student has a place and an equal voice. We want you to feel confident that you will have the support you need to be an outstanding student and when you graduate to become a servant leader in your global community.

While you are with us our office is a resource available to all Regis University students, regardless of the college or program.  I would encourage you to reach out for any assistance you may need. Your success as one of our students is paramount. 

Patrick I. Romero-Aldaz, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Our Divisional Mission

Guided by Jesuit values, the Division of Student Affairs engages students in a transformational co-curricular experience. Students are empowered by opportunities to develop knowledge and strategies that elevate leaders to live purposeful and balanced lives. We support students to cultivate self-awareness and to advocate for inclusion in pursuit of academic excellence and becoming exemplary citizens of the global community.