Student Media at Regis

Learn more about Regis' radio station, student newspaper, yearbook and more.


KRCX is a college radio station run by the students of Regis University in Denver, Colorado. KRCX exists as a source for entertainment and education for Regis University, and as a service to the larger community in North Denver. KRCX Broadcasts around the clock with the exception of the summer vacation. The staff of DJ's, producers, and on-air personalities is comprised entirely of Regis University students and faculty.

After converting to a new FM frequency—93.9 FM—KRCX broadcasts from a small basement studio in the North Denver area. The types of shows span a great variety, including Rock, Alternative, Metal, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Christian, Rap, techno, house, soundtracks, news, talk, and more.

KRCX is an extremely vibrant part of Regis University's campus life. KRCX supports various events, including concerts, shows, interviews, sports, and various social events. Visit the KRCX website to view on-air talent, schedules and more.

The Ranger Yearbook

The Ranger Yearbook is published annually by its Regis College student staff and is distributed each spring. Through the payment of student activity fees, the yearbook is available free of charge to traditional undergraduate students in Regis College and the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions. For more information about the yearbook, please contact Editor-in-Chief Kelly Rawlins, or advisor Quinn Waller.

O'Sullivan Art Center

Regis University's O'Sullivan Art Gallery features the work of locally and nationally recognized artists, and has a reputation among artists as a place where their work will be studied and appreciated by students, art critics, other artists, and the general public.

Exhibitions and performances at the gallery all have a lecture/demonstration component, providing genuine dialog between the artist and audience. The setting for this interaction is intimate and informal, encouraging audience participation with questions and discussions.

The O'Sullivan Art Gallery is a genuine forum for the celebration of art and ideas in the Jesuit tradition of discussion, learning and putting theory into practice.

Visit the Gallery website for more information.