Student Employment

Student Employment can be a great resource for you to build your resume and curate relationships and connections around campus. Please review the information below and the Student Employment Handbook for more details.

What is Student Employment?

Student Employment (also known as work-study) is an award that allows students to work on-campus to earn money toward educational expenses. This opportunity offers valuable work experience to complement students’ career goals after graduation. Student Employment should be treated as any other job that a student would have outside of school. Students will want to use this opportunity to enhance current skill sets, as well as learn professionalism and work-place etiquette. Although eligible students are awarded Student Employment as a part of their financial aid package, the award is not credited toward any outstanding balance on a student’s account. Students receive a paycheck every two weeks based on the actual number of hours worked during the pay period.

Can Graduate students qualify?

Graduate students may qualify for a Student Employment Award if they submit a Student Employment Award Application on or before March 1 for the upcoming fall/spring semesters. Completing a Student Employment Award Application Form does not guarantee an award.

Funding is limited and traditional, undergraduate students receive first priority for the funding. After March 1, we will review funding levels and award graduate students, when possible. If awarded, the award will be included on your financial aid award letter available in WebAdvisor.

Graduate students may be awarded up to $4,000.

How do I find a job on-campus?

If you are granted a workstudy award, you should: 

1. Review open workstudy positions on Workday at

2. Contact the supervisor(s) listed in the position description expressing your interest/request an interview. You may reach out to multiple supervisors/express interest in multiple positions. 

3. Discuss your potential job duties/responsibilities as well as your desired number of hours per week you wish to work in conjunction with your class schedule. Available positions for the Fall and Spring semesters are posted by August 1. Limited Summer positions are posted by March 1. 

For information on interviewing tips, resume building, and career counseling, visit the Center for Career and Professional Development.

What Forms do I need to submit before working?

All student employees must complete their I-9 and select payment elections as part of the "onboarding" process in the HR system known as Workday. You can log into Workday at (for more information please visit

Once hired by a supervisor on-campus, you will be notified of the onboarding process in Workday. You'll need to complete the necessary steps and bring in your I-9 documentation in-person to Student Services located on the 4th Floor of Main Hall within 3 business days from your hire date.

What other on-campus employment options do I have if I am not awarded Workstudy?

Some departments offer Department-Funded positions. Rather than utilizing student employment funding, departments may choose to hire students using their own budget. Should department-funded positions be available, you will find them in at